2018 AGM - Submitted Proposals


2018 AGM - Rule Proposals                                          

1. Proposed by Caldy, Seconded by Fylde & Sedgley Park

a.      Max 20 players in a match day squad. 

b.     Teams should not be punished if below teams do not play eg 4th play and 3rd do not. 

c.    Teams should not be removed from the league and websites after three strikes. However, there should be penalty for not playing eg lose 5 points/teams should not call games off on Saturdays morning Friday 12pm the latest.


2. Proposed by Barry Allen (Broughton Park), Seconded by John Powell (Preston Grasshoppers or Committee).

a    In all leagues losing bonus points will apply. (Losing score within 7 points of winning score.)


 3. Proposed by Stephen Branch (Macclesfield), Seconded by Mike Somers (Congleton).


a.   Reduction in number of league fixtures to 18-20. This would partly be achieved by a slightly later start to the season – Div 3 & 4

b.     Cup NOT to be compulsory. The cup should be voluntary and cup games will supplement the league fixtures.


Note regarding 1 and 2 above. The reduction in the number of league fixtures will encourage clubs to volunteer and enter the cup competition. The number of games in a season currently including the league and cup is considered too many


c.   Concedes in the cup should not count in the league.


Note regarding 3 above. The potential impact on teams and clubs with regard to concedes is punitive and risks the loss of teams and players from clubs. Concedes should only apply in the league.


                     Limiting concedes to the league fixtures only will encourage teams to enter the cup competition


4. Proposed by Cecil van Onselen (Chester RUFC), Seconded by Iain Taylor (Macclesfield) & Dominic MacKenzie Waterloo


a.     ‘Man Off’ rule should apply to Premier League, as uncontested scrums are too common. I understand that will not suit any leagues below, as was discussed at the AGM last year, but playing level six rugby with players of higher aspiration and first-team places in Nat 1/2/3 we should afford them a fair contest each week to earn their selection.


b.    Points deducted from a team, should not automatically to awarded to the opposition.


5.Proposed by Chris Hughes (Caldy), Seconded by Cecil van Onselen (Chester RUFC)


a.     I would like the clubs to be able to decide when rearranged games are played and then not having to be on the next available Saturday as this may not be convenient for the clubs due to holidays etc.


b.    I also think there should be ring fenced weekends when games aren’t played so players can plan weekends away or clubs can arrange Vets fixtures. Examples of this would be international weekends, bank holiday weekends and Xmas.


6. Proposed by Ged Hall (Sandbach), Seconded by Mike Woollacott (Moore)


a.     We propose moving the start of the season a week later away from the first Saturday to the second Saturday in September. Our rationale is that a number of players tend to still be away with late holidays or involved in other sports. A delayed start would help us all.


7. Proposed by Tyldesley, Seconded by Wigan


a.     All Entry Fees and Bonds should be scrapped. There is enough funding form the RFU


8. Proposed by Littleboro, Seconded by Aldwinians


a.    We should do away with concedes. No club should be thrown out and we should have a more enlightened structure where Cup Entry should be optional and league Fixtures should be rearranged without incurring concedes.


9. Proposed by Aldwinians, Seconded by Wigan


a.    Cumbria Teams should play in Cumbria Shield Leagues.


10. Proposed by Aldwinians, Seconded by Littleboro


a.     Lower Team Leagues should start 3rd week in September to allow Summer Sport participants time to return to Rugby.


b.     Action needs taking of loading teams up with Senior players.


11. Proposed by Wigan, Seconded by Littleboro


a.     Cup Competitions should be optional.


12. Proposed by Greg King (Committee), Seconded by Reg Robinson (Committee)


a.    League Winners & Runners up are required to purchase 5 tickets for the end of season presentation dinner


13   to 18 . Proposed by John Powell (Committee), Seconded by Fred Swarbrick (Committee)


13. Replacements Rule: Rule 4:  

a.   In the Premier, Division 1, Divisions 2N & 2S, Divisions 3N & 3S. A maximum of 3 NOMINATED replacements will be allowed in any match.
In Divisions 4 & 5 an open number of replacements can be agreed by both captains and referee before the commencement of the game. If agreement cannot be agreed a maximum of 5 NOMINATED replacements will apply. 

b. Rolling Subs to be allowed in all Leagues. An unlimited number of changes will be allowed. Teams using more than allowed number of replacements will have two points deducted.

c.  If a game goes uncontested for any reason the opposition do NOT need to remove a player.

d.  Where the lowest team in a club is in Division 3 or above, they are allowed to negotiate with their opponents to nominate more replacements than the THREE allowed. An agreement must be made before the game commences or even earlier.


Teams using more than the allowed number of Replacements in the Cup Competition will be out of the competition and their opponents will go through.


a. Only three replacements are allowed at all levels.

d. The lowest team in the club can negotiate with their opponents to nominate more than the three allowed. An agreement must be made before the game starts or even earlier. 


14.   Bonus Points Rule: Rule 9a:

In the Premier League only, Bonus Points will be awarded.

1 point for scoring 4 tries

1 point for losing within 7 points or less



9b. If a team gets a Walkover due to a game being conceded the non offending team will receive a Bonus point on top of the 4 points already received.

9c. If teams draw they both receive a Bonus Point for being within 7 points.



9d. A Losing Bonus Point is added to teams who lose within 7 points in all Leagues.


15.   Cup Concedes Rule 16


16.    a.     Any team conceding a match will have that game added to the number conceded in the league. If any team is expelled during the season the Cup concede will remain on record.


b.      Any team failing to fulfil a fixture in either the semi-final or final shall be excluded from the league in the season of the failure and the following season and thereafter will be required to make a formal application to be readmitted to the league appropriate to its standing.



a. Any team conceding a Cup match will NOT have that concede added to their League total. However, two League Points will be deducted.


16.    Number of Players  Rule 14

In the Premiership, Championship and Division 1 
each side shall supply a minimum of 12 players for a game to go ahead. There will be no more than ONE man advantage to any team at the start of the game. Failure to supply a minimum of 12 players will result in a concede.


b. In all other Divisions games will start with a minimum of nine men per side. There will be no more than ONE man advantage to any team at the start of a game. A minimum of 5 (FIVE) players must be supplied by every team and a team supplying less than 9 players can only receive 2 points in the event of victory. In a situation where a team has less than nine players the Captains must agree the exchange of players before the game begins. 


Should there be a failure to agree then the team responsible for the failure to agree shall forfeit the game. The points awarded on such failure shall be 4 points for the innocent team and 0 points for the team responsible for the failure.  


Failure to supply a minimum of 5 players will result in a concede. 

Please note that teams who turn up with a full squad of 18/20 will be allowed to use all players.



c.  Any team lending players to their opponent will have a Bonus point added to their record. Both sides must report this to their League managers with the result.


17.   League Positions: Rule 16:
League position shall be determined by 
(1) League points awarded  
Should this be equal,
(2) Team with least concedes takes senior position.
Should this be equal,
(3) Head to head results. At this point –Points For and Against to be taken into consideration.
Should this be equal.
(4) Toss of a coin.



When looking at Head to Head the following principles applies


1.  If one the teams has conceded a Head to Head game they will be placed in the lower position


2.  If one of the two Head to Head games has been decided by a Pools Panel result, there will be Toss of the coin to decide. Fred can Toss the coin.


3.  Where three games are played, only count the first two games played (1 home and 1 away) and apply the principles above.


4.  If three or more teams are involved in a tie after League points and concedes, a mini League involving those teams will be applied following the principles above.


18.  Postponed games: Rule 11:




Trial for season 2018/2019 In Division 5’s only


The Pools Panel for all matches postponed due to weather. Weather Postponed games will not be rearranged.


Requests to postpone (Reasons other than weather) must be agreed by both teams and an agreed date be arranged.


League matches will be played up to the end of March and then followed by the Cup (Plate) Competition culminating on the Cup Final date.




19. Proposed by Dave Kelly (Heaton Moor), NOT SECONDED


·         I would like to put forward a change to Rule 4. Where both teams from league 4/5 don’t agree on the number of replacements then 5 is the maximum. If a team then uses more than the allowed number of subs they will be deducted 2 points.