Minutes for December 3rd 2011



Supported by University of Salford


Minutes of meeting held at Liverpool St. Helens 03 December 2011


Members attending:   Peter Rhodes (President), Fred. Swarbrick (Chairman),

Reg. Robinson (Secretary), John Powell (Treasurer), Howard Hughes,

Jon Daldry, Ian Cousins, Greg King



Meeting opened 19.45 hrs.



This meeting was held directly after meeting with Lancashire RFU C.B. to discuss

matters raised and action to be taken.


Fred expressed satisfaction that the problems with the C.B.’s were largely sorted out

and the expected funding would now be released. He confirmed that he would be in

contact with Cumbria in the morning to arrange a meeting with them.


A discussion was held around the table with all members contributing to decide upon

the questions to be asked in the survey of member teams. John Powell had prepared a

sample set of questions and each one was considered and analysed by those present.

In the end 6 questions were agreed upon which John Powell will create into a word

document and send to all committee members for them to gain answers from member

teams. A copy of the questionnaire to be sent to Chris Burns for information. Survey

to be completed by December 17th.


Reg reported that alterations to the web site as previously discussed will cost around

£100.00. There would be 10 revolving pictures as per Pitchero site to feature.

Agreed to go ahead.


Howard Hughes felt that not enough pictures and reports were coming in to keep up

interest in the web site so suggested a prize be offered for the best contribution of the

season. Committee to act as judge. Discuss further at next meeting.


On the matter of Lymm 2 turning up for a premiership game with only 5 players it

was clear that this rule needs re-writing. Suggestions were put forward but Peter

Rhodes warned against changing rules in mid season. This situation has only arisen

once in 9 seasons so should not be regarded as urgent. He advises that rules- once

set- should remain for the season.

The appeal by Lymm against their points deduction is expected to be heard on

January 9th 2012 at Tyldesley RUFC. At 7pm.


Meeting closed 20.30