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Warrington 2(20) vs Burnage 2(13) Division 1
See notes from Gerald Williams of the Liverpool St. Helens Club

Warrington 2(20) vs Burnage 2(13) Division 1
Ladies and Gents,   Please note details for a charity effort from Andy Partington Holmes Chapel R.U.F.C.

Warrington 2(20) vs Burnage 2(13) Division 1
Garstang Rugby Club have been flooded over the recent weekend !! They have cancelled their games this weekend and are looking for volunteers Saturday afternoon to help in a massive clean up !!!   In Club members or anyone with a specific expertise would be welcome to help in the operation - Please !!!

Warrington 2(20) vs Burnage 2(13) Division 1
Could we extend Christmas Wishes to all involved in the Raging Bull North West Leagues. Hope you all enjoy a Great Christmas and enjoy much success in the New Year in this our 13th season of the Leagues. Thank you for all your support over the years of the Leagues. The Raging Bull NW Leagues Committee

Vale of Lune 2(55) vs Birkenhead Park 2(17) Premier League
Pictures of this fine game played at Vale's Powderhouse Lans Ground by Chief Photographer Tony North !!!

Preston Grasshoppers 3(25) vs Warrington 2(3) Division 1
Our Associations of Referees go from strength to strength and we are entirely grateful to all the Gents who offer their support to cover our games outside our Societies' cover !!!!!

Preston Grasshoppers 3(25) vs Warrington 2(3) Division 1
See from one of our respected Association Referees !! Yes they do receive a great deal of respect from all our players !!!!

Sandbach 2(13) vs Birkenhead Park 2(10) Premier League
Ladies/Gents, You will have seen we are having excess numbers of "concedes" no doubt due to some influence from the World Cup. We have two Saturdays to go, so please see the notice regarding Contact details for our RDO's. If you find you are likely to be short of numbers and having to consider "conceding" please contact one of these Gents who will pull all the stops out to find players to help you avoid a "concede". Actually this would also help in the weeks subsequent to the completion of the World Cup. I will add Tele, details once forwarded.Now added please give the appropriate Gent a call if you might be short of players !!!! F.S.

Sandbach 2(13) vs Birkenhead Park 2(10) Premier League
To All, The 1st Round of our Cup Competitions are due October 17th. We were looking at possibilities on that date if England had progressed. However the K.O. on that date in the W/C is 4.00p.m. No doubt numbers will want to view !! Could we advise that early K.O.s where agreed would be no problem, even where possible Friday night under lights or even moving games to the Sunday. All to help to get our Cups played at all possible. We know they are the most successful Cup Competitions in the North and long may they be so. F.S. - J.P.

Sandbach 2(13) vs Birkenhead Park 2(10) Premier League
See comment picked up from the Forum, regards sportsmanship in the Leagues !!! The Upper Eden Club clearly appreciate the Leagues and the ethics involved !!!!

Sandbach 2(13) vs Birkenhead Park 2(10) Premier League
ACTON NOMADS ----- HELP !!!!!!

Vale of Lune 2(8) vs Sandbach 2(29) Premier League
Some great pictures from the above match by Vale's Chief Photographer Tony North. Apologies delayed somewhat by difficulties on site !!!!!!!   F.S.

Garstang 2(53) vs Burnley 3(24) Division 4 North
Please see below a brief report of the Garstang Blues (2nds) vs Burnley 3rds in Four North from last Saturday.   I thought it was worth submitting given the fact that Burnley only had seven men but Garstang encouraged them to turn up anyway and 23 men got a game of rugby.

Sandbach 2(17) vs Fylde 2(83) Premier League
A notice from Crewe and Nantwich and geat News on behalf of Bowdon RUFC !! Interesting tale provided by Les Briers C & N . We know we are experiencing high numbers of concedes, there seems to be a number of reasons for this, but perhaps the biggest reason is the impact of the World Cup. Remember, and we know it occurs, you can travel with 5 players - yes 5 players - and levelling up will be in place by the home or away Club in line with the Rules. !!!

Eccles 3(58) vs Upper Eden 2(33) Division 4 North
Comment from one of our esteemed Association Referees regarding the above fixture !!!

Sandbach 2(17) vs Fylde 2(83) Premier League
Early notifications !!!

Sandbach 2(17) vs Fylde 2(83) Premier League
Ladies/Gents, Please note - an incident again yesterday - a game moving to an un-contested scrummage in The North West Leagues does not mean a player has to leave the field !!! Please note our Referees, no removal of a player to be enforced !!!   F.S.  

Sandbach 2(17) vs Fylde 2(83) Premier League
Please see report from the Garstang v Burnley game from last Saturday !! Match Reports !!

Blackburn 3(7) vs Vale of Lune 3(34) Division 4 North
Blackburn were entertaining Vale after beating them comfortably early season at Powderhouse Lane.  Vale were now at Blackburn in the return game knowing a victory would give them promotion. They were ready for the game !!!!!Pictures by Martin Harvey Blackburns Photographer.

Liverpool Saint Helens 3(7) vs Birkenhead Park 3(48) Division 4 West
This year's League Dinner is at Bowdon RFC on Friday 8th May 2015.     Teams who finish 1st and 2nd in each league will be presented with a trophy and/or plaque.    The dinner is 7.15pm for 7.45pm start.     £15 per head to include a 3 course meal, an entry to a raffle and a donation to the Benevolent Fund.    See View More ! Here is the document showing the number booked and payments made. All League placings as at present time. Contact as below to secure places at the Dinner !!

Carnforth 1(50) vs Vale of Lune 4(16) Division 5 North
Some would end this excursion travelling 1st Class others in the Guards van. !!! A report by Vale of Lunes Press Secretary Stuart Vernon on this top of the table clash winner to take the League. The game was also played for the Andrew Crowe Memorial Shield !!!

Vale of Lune 2(39) vs Rochdale 2(29) Conference B
Fast,Fizzing,Furious and Fascinating !! This description of the match at Powderhouse Lane by Vale's Press Secretary Mr. Stuart Vernon. And it was. A tribute to both sides !!!!

Vale of Lune 3(83) vs Rossendale 3(3) Division 4 North
Glorious sunshine at Powderhouse Lane as Vale of Lune 3rd XV meet up with the popular Rossendale 3rd XV. Once again some close up pictures by Vale's Chief Photographer Tony North !!!

Sedgley Park 2(25) vs Fylde 2(17) Conference A
Sedgeley Park maintain top position in this most competitive of Leagues against a fine Fylde XV. Pictures by Photographer Dave Morton

Vale of Lune 2(60) vs Burnage 2(5) Conference B
Some great pictures of the match from :-Vale's Chief Photographer Mr. Tony North

Bury 2(20) vs Rochdale 3(19) Division 3 North
After an incident in the Fylde 2s - Preston Grasshoppers 2s we must once again emphasise that the Man off Rule does not apply when going uncontested in The Raging Bull NW Leagues. To prevent going uncontested Fylde moved a back row player up to prop to maintain a full complement. Dangerous and unwarranted. No Man off Rule in our Leagues Gentlemen. Referees and Clubs please note. F.S.

Carnforth 1(27) vs Blackpool 1(10) Division 5 North
Some great photographs of todays Carnforth/Blackpool fixture !!! Tony North (Photographer)

Carnforth 1(26) vs Bolton 4(9) Division 5 North
Carnforth move to the top of Division 5 with this victory over a gallant, youthful Bolton XV !!!Referee Simon Keely keeps a tight grip on the game. Note the Associations Rogersons Homeserve + shirt !!!  Pictures by Tony North !!

Vale of Lune 3(14) vs Eccles 3(3) Division 4 North
A credit to the North West Leagues as these two sides fought out a tight match to gain a victory. Eccles arriving at Vale's Powderhouse Lane with an unbeaten record. Action pictures by Vales' Chief phtographer Tony North !!!

West Park (St. Helens) 3(60) vs Wirral 4(17) Division 4 West
Our first Meeting of the season held at the Last Drop Inn.       Our ladies did the Draw for the next rounds of our prestigious Cup Competitions !!!

Vale of Lune 3(37) vs Garstang 2(12) Division 4 North
A local Derby game played out at Powderhouse Lane well controlled by our Association Referee Mr. Peter Harrison.Note our Sponsors name to the fore !!! Great pictures of this competitive game by Vale's Chief Photographer Tony North !!!

Vale of Lune 3(60) vs Fylde 4(0) Division 4 North
See pictures of the game taken and produced by Vale's Chief Photographer Tony North !!! Some terrific pictures showing David Bateman our Associations Referee with the Rogersons Homeserve+ gear to the fore !!!

Widnes 3(0) vs Sefton 3(0) Division 4 West
Vale4th XV come out on top in a tight game - to say the least - at Carnforth Pictures by Vale Cief Pfotographer Tony North.

Vale of Lune 2(29) vs Stockport 2(22) Premier League
More dramatic pictures from Vale of Lune's Chief Photographer Tony North !!!

Vale of Lune 4(15) vs Blackpool 1(15) Division 5 North
The most competitive of games at Powderhouse Lane. Note the Referees shirt illustrating our valuable Sponsor Rogersons Homeserve +.Pictures by Vale's Chief Photographer Tony North.

Vale of Lune 3(54) vs Thornton Cleveleys 2(14) Division 4 North
Vale of Lune 3rd XV are successful against a good Thornton Cleveleys side after a difficult start to their season !!! Pictures by Chief Photographer Tony North !!

Vale of Lune 2(20) vs Macclesfield 2(61) Premier League
Macclesfield overcome the Vale 2nd XV at Vale's Powderhouse Lane Ground !!! Pictures by Vale's Chief Photographer Tony North !!!