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Wirral 4(12) vs Prenton 3(20) Sale Sharks Division 5 West
After a series of 4 Meetings we have now been able to cover, with neutral Referees, all our Fixtures, outside the scope of our Societies, in The Raging Bull North West Leagues, from Sepember to January.   We've got to thank all the Gentlemen who have offered their services and we know that they will be respected by all the players under their control as they appreciate what these Gentlemen are offering. Thank you to our Managers of these Groups, Mr. Simon Muckle (Wilmslow) Mr. Bert Lambert (Colne and Nelson) and Mr. John Powell (Preston Grasshoppers). F.S.

Leigh 2(5) vs Blackburn 2(38) Sale Sharks Division 1
To all our Clubs - Please see below !!!! Pleased to report that Independent Energy have secured a contract for one of our member clubs which will save the club in the region of £6,000 over the next two years. It also means that our Benevolent fund will enjoy an initial £300 this May with a second payment to follow. It may well be worth getting your club treasurer to investigate the potential savings for your club with the added bonus of the benefit to our funding.

Vale of Lune 2(25) vs Sandbach 2(29) Cotton Traders Conference B
A terrific Competitive game at Powderhouse Lane played by two sides with a 100% commitment !! A great game !! Pictues by Vale's Chief Photographer Mr. Tony North !!

Vale of Lune 3(5) vs Tarleton 2(3) Sale Sharks Division 3 North
The Carnforth Club continue their most successful season with a Cup Semi-Final place in todays Draw !!   Pictures by Photographer Mr. Tony North !!!

Sandbach 2(17) vs Fylde 2(83) Cotton Traders Premier League
Ladies/Gents, Please note - an incident again yesterday - a game moving to an un-contested scrummage in The North West Leagues does not mean a player has to leave the field !!! Please note our Referees, no removal of a player to be enforced !!!   F.S.  

Bury 2(20) vs Rochdale 3(19) Sale Sharks Division 3 North
After an incident in the Fylde 2s - Preston Grasshoppers 2s we must once again emphasise that the Man off Rule does not apply when going uncontested in The Raging Bull NW Leagues. To prevent going uncontested Fylde moved a back row player up to prop to maintain a full complement. Dangerous and unwarranted. No Man off Rule in our Leagues Gentlemen. Referees and Clubs please note. F.S.