Minutes for April 22nd 2013

Minutes of committee meeting held at Preston Grasshoppers on April 22nd. 2013


Present.    Fred Swarbrick;  Reg Robinson; John Powell; Ian Cosens;  Craig Hine;    Jon Daldry; 

Apologies. Tony Ayin; Peter Rhodes; Alan Johnson (rep. Cheshire CB.)  Peter Rhodes;  Greg King;  Howard Hughes;  Tommy Hughes (rep. Lancs. C B ) Andy Thompson.

Meeting Opened 1930.

Matters arising:                      Outstanding Bill to Sale Sharks still unpaid despite the efforts of Fred Swarbrick. This will now be pursued through other avenues.

Finance:                                   John Powell reported a healthy balance in the funds excluding the benevolent fund of £4284.49. The Benevolent Fund now has its own special account on the advice of Craig Hine. This will allow Barclays to assist our fundraising by making a contribution under certain circumstances. Some of this seasons monies are due to be received shortly but end of season expenditure will see our funds at around the same level as last year.

Meeting with Premiership clubs          The second meeting of the Premiership clubs when further views were aired with the final decision taken to leave arrangements as they are for the time being. A formal 3 year plan will be put to the AGM when held in May. Other ideas were for a trophy to be awarded to the team winning the Conference “B” League. For the minimum number of players to travel in Premiership and Div.1 to be 12, (not 5). Ties for winning positions to be decided by “head to head” rather than points difference. Another suggestion was to limit winning margins to 60 points difference but this received little support.


Web Sites     

The Pitchero web site is still deemed to be unsatisfactory, particularly as we feel our sponsors messages will get lost amongst all the other information on Pitchero. We are currently leaving the situation as it is but asking Jim Gooch who runs our current web site to add a “club search” facility. It is understood that this will cost around £240.


Cup Finals   The finalists for all cup competitions are now known and finals will take place on May 4th at Wilmslow and Caldy respectively. Fred and Reg have been in close liason with both clubs and report that both are keen to provide the best rugby day out possible. Medals, Trophies and other awards are all ready to go and it is just hoped that the weather will be kind.

Dinner          It was noted that this will be the 10th anniversary dinner for the leagues and will be held at Bowdon RUFC as last year.  Fred Swarbrick and others have met with Bowdon Chairman, Tom Sloan and House Manager, Mark Fenby to ensure all arrangements are met correctly. Efforts will be made to contact and invite previous committee members and hopefully identify a guest of honour. It is understood that the room will be decorated in Raging Bull colours and a celebratory banner will be procured.

Applications    To date only 2 applications to join the leagues for the 2013/2014 season have been received with papers sent to 3 others. It is anticipated that more applications will follow shortly but the committee have set a cut-off date of May 21st.

Rule 20   The committee is looking again at Rule 20 which states that after 2 consecutive expulsions a team will not be re-admitted to the leagues the following season. This is the situation in which Ruskin Park 2 currently find themselves and have appealed informally to the committee for re-admittance. The committee is unanimous in believing that the rule must be upheld – however – they feel that if Ruskin Park were to put an appeal to Lancashire CB or even to the RFU the committee may well be over ruled. They are therefore considering the requirement of a financial bond or a points deficit at the start of next season – or both. This will be discussed at the AGM and a decision made later.

Promotion/Relegation  There has been some confusion regarding relegation places this season due to the colour banding on the leagues as displayed on the web site has been misplaced. It is extremely difficult to write a rule which will cover all circumstances but the league and its webmasters will endeavour to make this clearer in future.

AGM   The AGM will take place at Tyldesley RUFC at 8pm on Monday May 21st. All proposals to be received in advance and displayed on the web site.

AOB   The committee discussed the awarding of the “Team of the Season” Trophy and also the “Workhorse Trophy”. Winners were agreed upon and will be announced at the Presentation dinner.


Meeting closed 2120.