Minutes for 20th May 2013

Minutes of committee meeting held at Tyldesley RUFC on 20th May 2013

Present.    Fred. Swarbrick;  Reg. Robinson; John Powell; Ian Cosens;  Jon Daldry;  Howard Hughes; Andy Thompson; Peter Rhodes.

Apologies. Tony Ayin; Greg King;  Craig Hine.

Meeting Opened 19.00hrs.

Matters arising:                      None

Finance:                                   John Powell presented the years accounts to the committee which showed a healthy balance, including the benevolent fund of £5039.49. All expenses had been met but some monies were still awaited. This was mainly due to £1830 still due from the RFU and £750 from Barclays. Other small amounts were still awaited from the dinner and Sale Sharks together making less than £500. The year end balance was somewhat less than last year but this is accounted for by less sponsorship money this last season and the greater cost of trophies and other awards ie the cup competitions. Also we have had fewer teams competing this season due to the loss of the Cumbria clubs. John was concerned that a downward trend of monies received was aggravated by an upward trend of expenditure. He therefore suggested that the annual fee for each team should be increased to £50 per season. The committee agreed that this should be put to the AGM.


Tony Ayin informed the committee that, with regret, he is unable to continue as Commercial Manager due to personal reasons. The Committee accepted his decision but in anticipation John Adams had been contacted and it is understood that he is happy to return to us in the capacity which he held previously. His nomination will be put to the AGM.

Sale Sharks

Fred Swarbrick was able to report that, after much effort, he had been able to contact a responsible person in the accounts department of Sale Sharks. She had agreed that a sum was outstanding to us and that a cheque would be raised in our favour at the earliest opportunity.


Members reported that cup finals at both Caldy and Wilmslow had gone very well with 3 close games at each venue. Both host clubs had provided excellent hospitality and organisation. It was noted that the playing of the NOWIRUL Anthem as the teams took the pitch at Caldy had been particularly well received and added to an already good atmosphere.


Reg. Robinson reported that he now had 11 applications to join the leagues but regrettably one, from Upper Eden 2, had to be rejected as Cumbria CB refused to give permission for this team to join a league outside the Cumbria system. Reg and Barry Allen will liaise next week to work out the new league structure but fixtures cannot be available until RFU League fixtures are known.


Fred. Swarbrick reported another successful dinner with this one having been our 10th anniversary celebration. Thanks to the Bowdon club for providing an excellent atmosphere with the only criticisms being that at one end of the room the P.A. was not working properly and that the service was a little slow.



Meeting closed 20.00hrs