Minutes of Committee Meeting held October 22nd 2008

Minutes for Miller Homes Committee Meeting held at Preston Grasshoppers 22nd October  2008

Present:  F W Swarbrick, R Robinson, J Powell, A Thompson, I Cosens, J Daldry, G King 

Apologies:  J Adams, H Hughes, C Hine.

Matters Arising:  None.

Finance:  The treasurer announced a healthy balance.

We had been invoiced by Double 6 for the Main website and this had been paid.  Outstanding were the Cup and Management fees, where there were still items to be sorted. The Secretary was keeping in touch with Jim Gooch re these items.
No money had yet been received from the RFU even though, nearly two months into the season the Miller Homes Leagues were fulfilling their part of the agreement to ensure the RugbyFirst website was being kept up to date.
It was decided that the Secretary should contact Nick Bunting on that subject. 

Sponsorship:  The Chairman had received a telephone call from Vale of Lune Chairman, Brian McCann, re proposed sponsorship with Scottish & Newcastle breweries. He explained that he had arranged a meeting for next Monday, 27th October 11am at his house. Himself, the Secretary and Treasurer would meet with Mr McCann and a representative from the Brewery to discuss terms.
He explained that Scottish & Newcastle were after a list of Clubs in the Miller Homes leagues.
The Chairman said that John Adams had also had an enquiry from a Web Company called “Made for Rugby”.
Andy Thompson suggested that they were probably a recruitment Company. John Adams would keep the Committee informed.
There had also been another enquiry from “Amazon”. This would be an agreement on sales made through advertising on our site. This could lead to problems in monitoring how the sales came about.
If it came off it would be likely that they would be put on the League Tables pages.     

New Website:  It was explained to the Committee that certain items were still being dealt with. Team of the week/season, link to Press for the Cup, Referees on Cup site, and walkovers, were in hand by Jim Gooch.
The Committee as a whole couldn’t see why we had to “refresh” to obtain League tables. Could it be done without?
In addition it was brought up about the “Information”. The Secretary was asked if the League and Cup articles could be kept in a separate file or under “R” for reports, preferably a separate file. They were taking up too much space and making it difficult to find other articles.
In addition the Committee asked if re-arranged games could be given a different colour in the matrix and list,  to ensure that Fixture Secretaries could spot the new dates easily.  The Secretary to take up with Jim Gooch.

RugbyFirst Website:  The committee as a whole were happy with the site. The Secretary explained that re-arranging fixtures was a long drawn out process having to change one fixture at a time. The only drawback had been not receiving the cheque from the RFU.

Cup Draw:  Various members of the Committee were active in making the draw. The results would be published on the website by Thursday evening.

A.O.B.  The Chairman reported that the health of Barry Allen appeared to be improving. This was welcomed by the Committee. He said that Barry was now assisting on various items on the website, especially re-arrangements.

The Chairman announced that there were now approximately 45 referees involved in refereeing Miller Homes League games and suggested that the League pay for another set of jerseys for the refs. Andy Thompson stated that it would cost approx £25 per jersey. It was proposed by Ian Cosens that we purchase 50 jerseys from Halbro, them being our sponsors. It was agreed that the “Nowirul” logo should be embroidered into the jerseys and that they should be Orange. Andy Thompson agreed to meet the Halbro sales people and find out the cost and dates for delivery.

The question of Cup Venues was brought up by the Secretary. It was agreed that the Secretary would put an item on the website asking for bids for week ending November 22nd with a closure date of December 31st.
This gave all Clubs over 5 weeks to apply.

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday January 14th 2009 at Preston Grasshoppers at 7.00pm.
There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.08pm.

R Robinson
League Secretary