Minutes for 16th April 2014


Present.    Fred. Swarbrick;  Reg. Robinson; John Powell; Ian Cosens;  Jon Daldry;   Andy Thompson; Craig Hine; Greg. King.

Apologies.   Tommy Hughes (rep. Lancs. C B ) Howard Hughes; Peter Rhodes.

Meeting Opened 19.40hrs.

Matters arising:                    None

Finance:                           John Powell reported a healthy balance in the League funds plus a small sum of monies already received as deposits for the Presentation Dinner. A further £5789.49 was in the Benevolent Fund which, thankfully, had not been called upon this season. He also understands from Craig Hine that the Barclays Charity Aid Fund contribution has been raised to a maximum of £1000 this year.


Fred Swarbrick reported that arrangement for holding the finals were well advanced and now that the finalists are known the Cup, Trophy and Shield finals will be held at Preston whereas the Jug, Bowl and Plate finals will be held at Burnage. Ian Cosens and Jon Daldry will attend Burnage and remaining committee members available will attend Preston. Referees are being arranged by Fred Swarbrick and Reg Robinson will compile the Programme.


Arrangements for the Presentation Dinner are well advanced and all committee members are urged to chase up the Promoted teams in their leagues to book places asap. Reg. Robinson is compiling a list of guests to be invited. It is understood that the president of Lancashire will attend and has agreed to speak. The bar is to be closed for the duration of speeches. The cost to players attending is to be raised to £15 this year bearing in mind that the cost has remained constantly at £10 for the last 9 seasons. However this cost is to include a free entry into the raffle and a contribution to the Benevolent Fund.


At the time of the meeting only 4 applications to join, or re-join, the leagues had been received and all had come from teams based in Cumbria. Craig Hine reported that he had recently attended a meeting with certain Cumbria officials where it was thought unlikely that Cumbria would give permission for teams based in that county to participate in NOWIRUL competitions. However it was learned that permission had been granted but for 1 season only. This was deemed unsatisfactory by the committee and a prolonged discussion ensued. The whole committee would be happy to welcome Cumbrian teams back into our leagues but if only for one season was not acceptable as this could easily be reversed in 1 years’ time causing double disruption to our league structures. Furthermore it is understood that the RFU is very likely to change the entire structure of their leagues which is another unknown variable. In the end the committee members present voted 4 in favour and 4 against allowing Cumbrian teams back in our structure with the casting vote of the Chairman going against. Chairman and Secretary will construct a letter to the Cumbria CB and all clubs explaining the position and asking for a commitment of at least 5 years for Cumbria teams to return.


It was decided that the NOWIRUL A.G.M. will be held on May 21st at Tyldesley RUFC starting at 8.00pm with a short committee meeting preceding. Changes to the structure of the committee will be presented to the meeting involving Secretary and Treasurer with a new position of Fixture Secretary to be created. These will then be voted upon.

Team of the season was decided and will be announced at the Presentation Dinner

Fixtures for the season 2014/2015 are hoped to be available around June 7th but all depends on when the RFU announces fixtures in the 1st team leagues.

Promotion and Relegation policies which appear to be unclear to some will hopefully be simplified and clarified.


Fred Swarbrick congratulated Reg. Robinson on his recent marriage which the whole committee seconded.

Meeting closed 21.15hrs