Minutes for 2014 AGM

Minutes of A.G.M. meeting held at Tyldesley RUFC on 21st May 2014


Committee Present.    Fred. Swarbrick;  Reg. Robinson; John Powell; Ian Cosens;  Jon Daldry;  Howard Hughes; Greg King; Craig Hine.

Apologies. Andy Thompson; Barry Allen; Tommy Hughes; Peter Rhodes; David Todd; John Jeskins; Liam Fortune.

Representing the Clubs.          David Burrows, Bert Lambert, Simon Hoyle (all Colne & Nelson), John Porteous, Derek Leake (Leigh), Les Towler (Bolton)

Meeting Opened 20.05hrs.

Chairmans Report

Fred. Swarbrick opened the 11th AGM with a greeting to all present and happy to report on another successful season. All functions had been completed on time with excellent Cup Finals and our best dinner yet with 271 attendees. He noted a very low attendance at this AGM but suggested that this was due to the success of the leagues and that there were no contentious issues to be argued. Sadly we lost 9 sides on the past season and to date only 4 new applications have been received. More may appear later. Some applications have been received from clubs in Cumbria but these have been deferred for another year due to Cumbria CB only offering 1 year’s permission and the probability of the RFU re-organising its own league structure in 2015. One exception is Kirby Lonsdale3 who appear to have nowhere else to play and will be accepted providing a satisfactory agreement can be reached with Cumbria CB. Fred. Expressed his thanks to all sponsors for their continued support and to Ian Cosens who had been instrumental in increasing sponsorship and had agreed to continue in that role. Fred. referred to a proposal due to arise later in the meeting which would spread the workload of certain committee members more evenly but he was thinking ahead as members are not getting any younger and it will soon be necessary to introduce younger members into the committee and eventually take on major roles. Congratulations to all winners and be proud that you have done well in the best league structure in the country for grass roots rugby.

Secretary’s Report

Reg. Robinson reported that the season had been successfully completed without too much disruption from the weather. Only 2 matches had to be played mid-week with just a few more over the Easter break. Reg. referred forward to a proposal later in the meeting where he wishes to scale down his responsibilities for the coming season and then retire fully from the job of secretary in 12 months’ time. As Fred. had already thanked the sponsors and others his report was shorter than usual and he made way for the Treasurers report.

Treasurers Report

John Powell reported that our finances were still in a strong position. He produced accounts showing a healthy balance in the current account and £7059.12 in the benevolent fund. This did not include a cheque received from the RFU this morning which will show in next year’s accounts. Income has increased healthily this season but so have costs so the league is maintaining its financial position. Thankfully there has been no call on the benevolent fund this year so this will increase with the charitable due from Barclays shortly. One of our major expenses is maintaining the standard for referees but it is hoped that a sponsor will come aboard next season to assist with this. The committee thanks John for the accurate and conscientious way he has managed the accounts over the past 11 seasons as he is about to hand over his responsibilities to Greg King.

Election of Officers

As the whole committee is prepared to stand again it was proposed that all members should be re-elected en-block.

Proposed by David Burrows, Seconded by Bert Lambert.

At the vote, carried unanimously.



1)                  As Reg. Robinson wishes to scale down his work load it is proposed that he should be responsible for admin only and that fixtures and re-arrangements should be dealt with by a person holding the new position of Fixture Secretary. John Powell is proposed to fill the role of Fixture Secretary and relinquish his responsibilities of Treasurer to Greg King. This motion proposed by David Burrows and seconded by Simon Hoyle. Carried unanimously.

2)                  Cup Rule 8 should be reworded for clarity as follows.  “Replacements will be allowed as for our current League Rules with rolling subs being allowed. At the semi-final stage in all cups WITHIN THE SQUAD OF PLAYERS THE TEAM MUST BE ABLE TO COVER FOR INJURY TO ANY FRONT ROW PLAYER ON ONE OCCASION. In the finals 5 replacements will be allowed and WITHIN THE SQUAD OF PLAYERS THE TEAM MUST BE ABLE TO COVER FOR INJURY TO ANY FRONT ROW PLAYER ON TWO OCCASIONS. This amendment proposed by John Powell and seconded by Fred. Swarbrick. Carried unanimously.


Change to constitution. To receive charity funds from Barclays they require our constitution to be amended to show the Benevolent fund in a separate account (already done) but also to show that if the league were to fold for any reason the these monies would be given to the RFU to support rugby in general. He meeting approved this amendment unanimously.

David Burrows conveyed a message from MADREF to thank the committee and all persons involved with NOWIRUL for its contribution to the good health of grass roots rugby in the north-west.

Derek Leake spoke on behalf of all players to thank the committee for the work done in producing and running the league system.

There followed a discussion regarding penalties suffered by lower teams in clubs where a higher team has conceded due to insufficient players able to perform at the higher level. It was accepted that this had been discussed in committee many times and that the current rules were the best that could be achieved. Other wordings had been considered but these would all be open to abuse and make the overall problem worse.

Meeting closed 21.40