Minutes for March 9th 2015

Present:          F W Swarbrick,           R Robinson,    J Powell,          G King,           A Thompson.


Apologies:      J Daldry,         I Cosens.


Matters Arising:        None


Finance:         Greg King handed out a very healthy statement to everyone.

Also included was a good total for the Benevolent Fund.

Greg explained that all Sponsors had now paid, thanks to the efforts of Ian Cosens in contacting them.

The RFU had also paid their first Tranche and the second is expected in March or April.

Especially of note was the Referee Sponsorship by the Counties and Phil Rogerson which has meant that NOWIRUL has paid out a much smaller figure than in past seasons to kit out the numerous referees involved in the Associations. These gentlemen are an essential part of the Leagues and it is agreed that we help out as much as possible to ensure that we have neutral referees for as many games as possible. We would like 100% but are still just a little short.


Greg is concerned that the money in the bank is not earning any interest and he suggested that he should search out the possibility of moving some into an interest account. All the Committee agreed that Greg should take this up.


Greg brought up the matter of payment by Clubs for the dinner.

Payment for the dinner is usually organised by putting details on the website of the Clubs who are coming and those who have paid in a spreadsheet. This includes the details of how to pay etc.

As John Powell has been involved in the past he agreed to talk with Barry Allen and ask Barry to put a similar spreadsheet on for this year.


Sponsorship:  Ian Cosens has done an excellent job as can be seen that all the sponsors are paid up.

Ian is OK for carrying on next season. Hopefully more sponsors will be found for each League.

Fred Swarbrick will keep in close touch with Bateman’s and Rogerson’s to, hopefully, keep them on board for next season.    


Dinner:           It was decided to have the Cheshire Beef and Ale Pie from the Menus, the same as two years ago. The cost to all players will be £15. This would include a gift to the Benevolent Fund of £5 per person.

The matching Barclays Charity Aid Fund would be incorporated in the “Heads and Tails” draw which Ian Cosens would organise on the evening.


Guests for the Dinner were discussed with a list being drawn up for the Secretary to contact and invite.


Along with all the League Winners and Runners-up there was a reminder that we had to choose a Team of the Season. At present time there were two teams with 100% records, Leigh 2 in Div 2N and Holmes Chapel 1 in Div 5S.  


Finals:             With the semi-finals being held this weekend and the two venues, Eccles and Sandbach decided, things were running smoothly. It was agreed that we would again ask for 3 Manchester Society Referees and three Association Referees for each venue. John Powell and Fred Swarbrick would organise the Association Refs and the Secretary will contact Alan Farmer re the Society Refs.

After the semi-finals the Secretary will contact all Finalists to organise write-ups and team sheets from them all and forward to Eccles and Sandbach.

The venues for each sponsor will be decided when the finalists are known. Ian Cosens will be contacted re this item for his advice.


Adult Review:            Fred Swarbrick gave a resume of what was happening. A survey was completed and he had met with John Douglas and Malcolm Warton. He was involved in a meeting this coming week and another survey (Yes/No) was being taken to see if the Clubs wished to be involved with a Cup Scheme brought out by the RFU. It seemed that this was a sweetener for Clubs to accept the 12 team League which they were putting forward.


After a discussion it was decided that Fred Swarbrick and John Powell would attend a meeting at Twickenham on Friday 27th March with Rosie Williams and other representatives from different parts of the Country. A meeting with Rosie has already been held at Fred’s house with Fred, John and the Secretary. It does appear that certain parts of the Country have different ideas on how to run Junior Leagues. However, as we are the longest running set of Junior Leagues with lots of experience it is felt that we must not allow our Rules to be tampered with, we have set them up after many years of hard thinking.


John Powell put forward a suggestion to a change to Rule 14. After discussion it was decided that John would go away and reword it with the aim of putting it forward to the AGM.


Fred Swarbrick produced a shirt made by Sports Direct. These shirts were being sold for £5 each and it was decided to order 100. These would be used to issue to referees as a change shirt. As the present shirts obtained from Raging Bull cost a lot more it was felt that this was a good deal. If Rogerson’s agreed to sponsor us in the following season it was decided to put their “R” on the back of the shirts.


Fred Swarbrick brought up the matter of Secretary for the following season. He asked the Secretary if his mind was still made up to finish. The answer was yes, he would definitely finish at the AGM. It was decided to check with all the Committee to see if anyone was willing to take it on. There was a suggestion that it be advertised on the website. Nothing specific was decided.


The Chairman brought up the matter of Fixtures for the following season.

As Barry Allen had informed them that he will not be doing them anymore he had approached Howard Hughes about helping with them. So far Howard had not come back.

John Powell agreed that he was still not over confident about doing them on his own. He and the Secretary could attempt them but if snags were hit it was felt that Barry would still be needed to help sort out. Fred would go back to Howard.


Meeting closed at 9.30pm.