July 2015 Minutes










Minutes of Committee Meeting held at Tyldesley RUFC on 21st. July 2015




Committee Present.    Fred. Swarbrick;  Reg. Robinson; John Powell;   Jon Daldry;   Greg King; Tommy Hughes (Lancashire); Andy Thompson; Ian Cosens; Craig Hine; Dr. Sara Shackleton


Apologies.  Peter Rhodes; Paul Whiston.




Meeting Opened 19.35hrs.


Chairman, Fred. Swarbrick opened the meeting by extending a warm welcome to two new members to the committee. Firstly Dr. Sara Shackleton who will act as medical advisor to the Leagues and to Paul Whiston who will be the new Secretary to the Leagues. Unfortunately Paul was delayed by business commitments and could not attend but was welcomed nevertheless.


Matters Arising.   None


Sponsorship            Ian Cosens reported that our Premier League sponsors – Batemans BMW – were now in negotiating anew ownership. Phil Stott their Managing Director was hoping that their Sponsorship might continue. (Later they will not continue !!) Also the position of Raging Bull for the coming season is not yet known and the same applies to “Film My Match”. Other sponsors of league and cup will still be with us.  Ian and Fred will continue to look for alternatives. It is believed that Nationwide Building Society may be interested in getting involved with Rugby Union and this will be pursued.


Finance                    Greg King reported a healthy balances of in both the leagues account and the Benevolent Fund. The balance had recently increased a little as 22 clubs had already paid for the 2015/2016 season. Greg was anxious to simplify the accounting procedures by introducing standard costs for certain costs and expenses. On hearing of his plans the committee agreed that he should proceed as he saw fit. Unfortunately there was no charitable donation available from Barclays this year to the Benevolent fund.


Finals & Dinner.                  It is understood that our new Secretary, Paul Whiston, is unable to include arranging the Dinner and Cup Finals in his remit as he is still in business. Reg. Robinson and Ian Cosens agreed to look after the Finals whilst the Dinner will be looked after by other committee members depending on whether is being held at Preston or Bowdon or elsewhere.


Cumbria.                  There have been 5 applications from Cumbria based teams to re-enter our leagues. These 5 have all received the appropriate permission from the Cumbria RFU. The levels of these teams has conveniently fallen so that no league will have more than 1 Cumbrian team to play. At least 1 other Cumbrian team made enquiries with us but did not have the necessary permissions but were dissuaded from applying as we did not have a vacant place to put them at the right level. It is expected that further applications will have to be considered for the 2016/2017 season. Some Lancashire teams have expressed disquiet at have to travel to Cumbria but the Committee feels that once a season is not too much to ask for the good of the game.


Sara’s Suggestions            Dr. Sara Shackleton made certain suggestions with the intention of trying to make the game safer for all concerned. She reminded us that there already are guidelines outlined on the RFU website and that clubs should look very carefully at these and ensure good practice is observed at all games. This already happens at first team level but needs to filter down to lower teams more quickly. Mini and Junior Rugby also observes good practice but 3rd/4th teams not so good. Dr. Shackleton suggests that at least one person at every match should have some good medical knowledge. This can be a player or a spectator and particular attention should be paid to the matter of concussion. It was discussed that to assist the league might run courses which they would subsidise so very little cost would come to the clubs. The committee is also considering whether something should be included in the ‘Code of Conduct’ to highlight these issues.


Cup Draw                Dr. Sara Shackleton was given the honour of drawing the numbers from the bag for our various cup competitions. Results are on the web site.


A.O.B.                  Reg .Robinson expressed concern that the season was structured in such a way to leave little room for re-arrangements in the event of bad weather. John Powell replied that he believed that he had matters under control.


                            Alan Johnson informs that he is no longer Cheshire Rep. on our committee. Cheshire RFU will be asked to nominate a replacement. (Our President Peter Rhodes will take on the position as Cheshire Representative.)                                                        


Howard Hughes has resigned from the committee. The Chairman has written to Howard thanking him for his support over the years.


Meeting closed 19.20 hrs.