Senior Rugby - Age Guides

It has come to the attention of the Commitee that there may have been some instances of junior players making up the numbers in senior fixtures.

Whilst it is appreciated that there is sometimes a shortage of players, under no circumstance can an under age player take to the field in a senior game.

Note below RFU Reg 15.3.7



15.3.7 A player can play adult contact rugby, or train with other adults in contact

rugby, when they reach their seventeenth birthday provided: (a) they have been

assessed as capable of playing with adults; (b) the RFU’s Playing Adult Rugby

Form has been duly completed and signed; and (c) the player does not train or

play in the front row of the scrum. Once a player has reached the age of 18, the

player may play in any position.



Please ensure that these regulations are adhered to at all time as player safety is of paramount importance.