Committee Meeting 20th Feb 2017





Minutes of meeting held at Leigh RUFC on February 20th. 2017


       Those attending.        Peter Rhodes,  Fred. Swarbrick,  John Powell,  Reg. Robinson, Andy. Thompson,  Ian Cosens, 

                                           Greg. King,  Craig Hine,  Jon. Daldry.


        Apologies                    Paul Whiston,   Dr. Sara Shackleton  


        Matters Arising.          None.


         Finance                       Greg King presented up to date accounts which showed a healthy balance.

                                                    Greg reported that some sponsorship monies were still to be received but these would

                                                     be off set by normal end of season expenses. He also reported that the £1000 Charitable

                                                      sponsorship had been received in the benevolent fund. No problems are envisaged.


           Fixtures                       John Powell reported that weather had been kinder this season than in previous years

                                                        and accordingly any postponed game had already been re-arranged. None were outstanding.


           Finals                           The Finals committee confirmed that they had visited five clubs who had applied  to host                                                        our finals.

                                           All were thought well able to produce a good day for us but the recommendation was that this year

                                           the finals would be held at Aspull and Wirral. It was noted that many clubs are booking various events

                                           Well in advance these days so it was recommended that in future finals should be booked 2 year in advance.

                                           It was therefore agreed that Burnley would be one of the host clubs for 2018 plus 1 other. The committee thanks Rochdale and Old Bedians for their excellent bids and look forward to those clubs applying again.


      Dinner                          John Powell reports that arrangements for our Presentation Dinner are on track and he is about to                                          confirm the menu.

                                              Costs will remain as before with part of the costs being donations to the benevolent fund. Reg. Robinson will attend to the guest list.


      Premier League            The committee felt that there was a need to discuss the disparity in strength between the top and bottom of the

                                            Premier League. It is known that some teams/players are unwilling to travel to a fixture where they know that

                                            they are likely to lose by a big score. Some quote likelihood of serious injury or just possible loss of morale.

                                            This had been discussed previously some years ago - culminating with a meeting with the clubs at Liverpool St. Helens.

                                            Subsequent to this the current Conference system was introduced for the second half of the season. The committee  feel this has worked well but still some clubs are unhappy.


    John Powell will canvass clubs by e-mail for any other ideas and if necessary another meeting with Premiership

    clubs and top Division 1 clubs to try and find agreement.


      ** Subsequently a Meeting has been arranged at Preston Grasshoppers on the 20th March to seek the views of the Clubs. As League Secretary of the Cotton Traders Premier League John Powell will Chair the Meeting **


        Exclusions                   The committee  was sad to note that there had been more concedes and exclusions this season than in previous years.

                                            Members have been asked to consider any possible rule changes or other ideas which may help clubs to retain players

                                             and keep teams playing.


   A.O.B.                               None