Premier League / Conference Meeting 20th March 2017


The Premier League / Conference League teams and those at the top of Division 1 met to discuss the structure of their Leagues at Preston Grasshoppers RFC. The intention was to come up with a solution to some of the problems involved in this League and to decide on a workable structure for the next three season.


The Premier League/Conference system is to be replaced with a Premier League and Championship Setup.


The Premier League will consist of 8 teams. This will be made up of the 7 teams in Conference A plus the top team in Conference B. They will play against each other 4 times. At the end of next season there will be one team relegated downwards into the Championship with one team promoted upwards.

The Championship will consist of 9 teams. This will be made up of the other 6 left in Conference B plus the top three teams in Division 1. They will play each other 3 times. At the end of next season there will be two teams relegated to and two promoted from Division 1.

Division 1 will consist of 14 teams. This will involve 1 team being relegated from Division 1 into Division 2N or 2 S while 2 teams from each of these leagues being promoted to the Division 1. They will play each other twice. At the end of next season there will be 4 teams relegated to and two teams promoted from 2N and 2S.

The BEST Cup will consist of the 17 teams in the Premier League and Championship.

The LBS Bowl will consist of the 14 teams in Division 1

This removes hopefully the discrepancies regards ability and hopefully ends the possibility of unacceptable scores.

This is a decision made by the teams/clubs involved.

Latest Match Reports

The Cotton Traders Championship 30-09-2017 Wirral 2nd XV 10 pts v 32 pts Vale of Lune 2nd XV

Some photographs of this Championship Fixture at Wirrals Clatterbridge home ground !!

Pictures gratefully provided by Amanda Spavin !!!

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THe LBS Final at the Aspull Club Fylde 4th XV 27 pts v 18 pts Garstang 2nd XV

Congratulations to both the LBS Plate Finalists at the Aspull Club today. !!!

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The LBS Jug Final Sandbach 2nd XV 15 pts v 18 pts Rossendale 2nd XV

A large crowd gathered at the Aspull Club once again witness a great Final between these two competitive sides. Both Clubs have been great supporters of the Leagues and Cup Competitions over the years !!!

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The LBS Bowl Final Penrith 2nd XV 24 pts v 11 pts Clitheroe 1st XV

A large crowd enjoyed this rousing LBS Bowl Final !!

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The BEST SHIELD FINAL Heaton Moor 2nd XV 38 pts v 7 pts Broughton RUFC 1st XV

The Broughton XV had gone through the season losing only one match. It was going to be a most competitive game. It was !!!

Despondent in defeat but the Broughton XV will receive the Champions Trophy at the Presentation Dinner next week.

Thanks to both sides for a great compeitive match !!!

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(Aldwinians 4)
(Eccles 3)
Points 7 77
League Position 9 7