The 2017-18 Season is Upon us.

We as a Committee must offer - all the best to all for a successful season.

Last season was not the best I think I'm right in saying. Whilst the Leagues were possible the most competitive, we endured too many concessions (10% plus) and consequently too many sides having to leave us.

You are aware our Rules are pretty severe in some cases but the object of them is to get games played. There is nothing worse than players turning up for a game or even preparing for a game to find the game is off. I would say there is no need for any side to reach a situation where they might have to leave us. The Rules are set for a side to travel with only 5 players, games have taken place with this number after player exchanges to meet the required numbers i.e. 9 players versus 10. Sounds "crazy" but it will keep you with us !!!

You might have only 5 players one week but find you have surplus a week or two later.

During the past few weeks Groups have met to set up Refereeing cover for our games that are not covered by the Societies. A number of Gentlemen are involved with us for these games and in fact we do have a number of new Gentlemen joining us this season. We must ask that you provide these Gentlemen with the utmost respect - Club-wise and certainly player-wise - they are providing neutral Refereeing for all so please welcome them to your Clubs and respect what they are offering.

You will note we are now The Halbro North West Leagues not the Raging Bull Leagues.

Note the calling off, of games must be a last resort, we are at 177 sides and at the end of April 2018 we need to be still at 177.


All success to all as we K.O. this Saturday the 2nd September.


Latest Match Reports

The Cotton Traders Championship Rossendale 2nd XV 26 pts v 25 pts Vale of Lune 2nd XV

A rousing game at Marl Pitts, Vale bringing a remarkable record to Rossendale but to lose in the last minute of the game to a physical Rossendale XV. Rossendale produced a strong XV reversing a loss at Powderhouse Lane earlier in the season.

Referee Mike Hayward refereed a difficult game with patience, towards both sides. Actually it was a great game !!!

Some descriptive pictures taken by Steve Hyams and thanks to him for taking the time to send over for publication.


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23-12-2017 Sale Sharks Division 2 North West Park St. Helens 2nd XV 52 points v 12 points Vale of Lune 3rd XV

A tough game played out at West Parks Redrocks ground.

Referee Mr. Neil Burdekin.

A huge number of pictures gartefully received by West Park photographrer Mr. Stephen Dempsey !!

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The Cotton Traders Championship 02-12-2018 Vale of Lune 2nd XV 27 pts v 12 pts Wirral 2nd XV

Pictures of the most competitive match as above at Vales' Powderhouse Lane ground !


Pictures by Vales' Chief Photographer Mr. Tony North.

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04 - 11 2017 Cotton Traders Championship Vale of Lune 2nd XV 74 pts v 6 pts Rossendale 2nd XV

Some action photographs from the above match at Vales' Powderhouse Lane Ground on the above date.


Pictures taken by Vales' Chief Photographer Mr. Tony North.


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The Cotton Traders Championship 30-09-2017 Wirral 2nd XV 10 pts v 32 pts Vale of Lune 2nd XV

Some photographs of this Championship Fixture at Wirrals Clatterbridge home ground !!

Pictures gratefully provided by Amanda Spavin !!!

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(Trafford Metrovick 3)
(Glossop 3)
Points 7 11
League Position 10 3