Minutes of Committee Meeting held April 27th 2009

Minutes for Miller Homes Committee Meeting held at Preston Grasshoppers 27th Apr  2009 

Present:          F W Swarbrick,           R Robinson,     J Powell,      A Thompson,       

J Daldry,   J Adams,     I Cosens,          H Hughes,        C Hine.


Apologies:      G King,           


Matters Arising:       

RugbyFirst:                The Secretary explained he had been in touch with the RFU who had confirmed that there would be funding for the Miller Homes Leagues next season but not for the Halbro Cup for putting results on the RFU website. However, he explained that the RFU hadn’t said what the funding would be.

County Cups:             Nothing had yet been set up by the Secretary re any meetings. Hoping to do that in the summer months. Jon Daldry told the meeting that there had been feelers out to Clubs about playing the Cheshire Cups at venues with lights. There was to be a meeting of the Cheshire Cup Committee on May 13th and he would ask that the Miller Homes representatives be allowed to attend.


Finance:          The treasurer announced a healthy balance  There were no outstanding bills. The Association Referees jerseys had been paid for.

The Chairman announced that he had met Richard Glynn Jones at the Manchester and District dinner who was a member of the RFU. Richard had offered 50 whistles for the Association members. He had also offered Track suit tops at £800. The RFU would pay half of this and Miller Homes would have to pay the other £400. This was accepted by the Committee. In addition the Chairman was asked to pursue the possibilities of the RFU providing each Referee with Touch flags.

Sponsorship:               John Adams reported that he hadn’t anything to report at this stage but would bring things up in the later items.


Pitchero:         It was brought up that Mark Fletcher had been economic with the truth about items he had presented at the last meeting. The meeting decided that the Miller Homes were not prepared to give up our Intellectual Property Rights. A letter would be composed to send to Mark Fletcher informing him of this and a refusal to allow him access to any of the Miller Homes fixtures, results and tables.


Wigan:            The Chairman explained that due to Clif Barker putting in an appeal on behalf of Wigan 4ths re the Committee’s proposed expulsion he had taken advice from Peter Rhodes who had told him that we would definitely lose because we haven’t got a Rule for such behaviour. Because of this we had to allow Wigan to complete their fixtures this season. The Committee were unhappy with the situation as they felt that Wigan hadn’t responded to warnings previously sent to them and the general behaviour of the 4th Team in 2007/8 now named the 3rds in 2008/9.

The Committee decided that alterations to the “Code of Conduct” should take place and would be sent out for all Clubs to sign again before the start of next season. These would include sanctions with the right of expulsion. The whole document would be sent to Peter Rhodes for his advice on the legality of such a document.


Halbro Finals:            Andy Thompson informed the meeting that Halbro would have all the Referees jerseys there on the day although there had been a glitch. They would also be providing balls, flags etc.

Prizes for the Benevolent Fund were then discussed. The Chairman informed the meeting that prizes would be there and he would take care of the raffle tickets.

John Adams told the meeting that he would be holding talks with Halbro on the day about future sponsorship. Things were looking pretty useful with Halbro.

All other items had been taken care of, i.e. programmes, and Birkenhead Park seemed to be pretty well organised.


Dinner, May 8th:        John Powell informed the meeting that there were 246 booked with 131 paid.

Howard Hughes advised us that Tyldesley were sending 2 people just to collect the trophies.

The Chairman advised us that John Owen, the RFU Senior Vice President had agreed to speak at the Dinner.

The Chairman was advised that John Owen be advised not to speak too long. The Committee didn’t want the recipients to become restless.

It was decided that when the recipients of the trophies be announced the Winners and Runners-up of each League would be announced at the same time to speed up proceedings.


Rule Change Proposals:        The Secretary had received 4 proposals. These had been circulated for the Committee to peruse. There was no need for discussion, they would be advised at the Committee Meeting immediately before the AGM.


Applications for Entry to Miller Homes Leagues for 2009/10:                   The Secretary announced that there were 22 applications and distributed the list in order that the Committee could decide whether they would all be allowed in and at which level they would enter. There was a query re one team as to whether they had been expelled the previous season and therefore would be ineligible for entry. The Secretary would check up on this.

After entry level was decided then the structure of the leagues was debated. Another league would be needed bringing us up to 14 leagues.

After a reasonable debate it was decided that the following structure would take place.

Premier League

Division One

Division 2

Division 3 North,                      Division 3 Central,                    Division 3 South

Division 4 East,          Division 4 North,          Division 4 South,          Division 4 West

Division 5 East,          Division 5 North,          Division 5 South,          Division 5 West

A total of 14 Leagues.

The following was decided re promotion and relegation:

Premier Division:           2 Relegated

Division 1:                    2 Promoted,     2 Relegated.

Division 2:                    2 Promoted,     3 Relegated

3 Division 3’s:               1 Promoted from each, Total 3.       8 Relegated.(2 x 3** and 1 x 2)

**  Worst 2 in 3rd from bottom.

4 Division 4’s:               2 Promoted, Total 8,                2 Relegated. (Total 8 down)

4 Division 5’s:               2 Promoted, Total 8.


A.O.B.             Howard Hughes was perturbed that there were complaints from Liverpool SH on the forum about 2nd Team fixtures being fulfilled by 3rd Team and Colts players. These were on scheduled Saturdays.

The Committee agreed that Club selection in such instances was out of the Committee’s hands and these comments should be ignored. Howard was disturbed that Miller Homes were being slagged off through no fault of their own. It was agreed that some of the comments on the forum were over the top and should be toned down. However, a lot of the comments were good jousting. Barry Allen would be informed to see if he could keep matters in hand.


Jon Daldry informed the meeting that a player from Sandbach 4ths had been badly injured in a game at Buxton. He thought that this was in a Miller Homes game. Andy Thompson made a phone call then and found out that the player’s name was David Twemlow. It was decided that we would undertake to contact Sandbach to see if this was a genuine case where our Development fund could help out. The Committee agreed that if this was a genuine case then there could be an immediate payout by our Treasurer.


The Secretary had received a letter from Didsbury Toc H informing us of their refusal to play De La Salle 2nds if paired in the same League next season. The Committee discussed this but decided that Didsbury could not dictate to the League whether they played fixtures or not. It was explained that this season we haven’t received any complaints whatsoever against De La Salle 2nds and Didsbury should be written to explaining this. It was decided that we would try to separate them but if that was impossible then Didsbury must play or vacate the Leagues.


There had been other letters from Clubs informing us of their reducing the numbers of teams in the Leagues and others trying to influence where their teams should be put. i.e level of League. The Committee again decided that the Clubs would have to accept where their teams were selected.


There was no other business and the meeting closed at 10.05pm.


The next meeting would be the AGM on Monday 18th May at Vale of Lune RUFC.

There would be short Committee Meeting at 7.00pm followed by the AGM at 8.00pm.    


R Robinson

League Secretary