Minutes of Committee Meeting held May 18th 2009

Minutes for Miller Homes Committee Meeting held at Vale of Lune Monday 18th May  2009 

Present:          F W Swarbrick,    R Robinson,     J Powell,      J Daldry,      C Hine.


Apologies:      I Cosens,       J Adams          


Matters Arising:        The Chairman reported that the Rules Committee had met with the Lancashire Disciplinary Committee at Preston. We had received recommendations, mainly by Clif Barker for amendments to our Rules to make them legally watertight. These had been passed onto Peter Rhodes who had come back to the Committee with a series of amendments which would be endorsed at the AGM and written into the existing Rules.


Regarding the midweek match between Blackburn and Wigan which was abandoned by the referee, the Lancashire Disciplinary Committee decided that the referee had been hasty in abandoning it and should have given out either a yellow or red card to the main Wigan offender, Sean McHugh, who was given a reprimand by the Disciplinary Committee.


A player at Sandbach had been seriously injured and the Chairman had been in touch with Sandbach with offers from the Benevolent Fund. He was now waiting for Sandbach to come back with suggestions.


Finance:          The balance sheet was produced by the Treasurer. This gave a satisfactory balance. The Treasurer explained that because of the new website there was only an increase in the balance sheet from the previous year of about £1500. Income had increased because of additional sponsors and the increase in charges to the Clubs to £30 per team. Most other items had been very similar.


Halbro Finals:            The Chairman reported that the Finals had been a First Class day. However, it had been suggested that we did not hold a raffle for the benevolent fund but just go round with a bucket for donations. This it was decided would happen in the future.


Dinner, May 8th:        Again the Chairman said it had been a highly successful evening with many Presidents attending and the Vice President of the RFU.

John Powell reported that the poor sound reception in a corner of the Clubhouse had been reported to the management at Preston Grasshoppers. It was hoped that this would be dealt with.  


League Applications: There had been a couple of late applications which the Secretary explained and it was decided that they would be allowed to enter. He also explained that Acton Nomads had not yet been approved by the RFU so he contacted them to explain that they must be RFU approved and to give them guidance re getting approval. In addition West Park SH had put in a late request which was also approved for their 3rd team.               


Rule Change Proposals:        There had been 4 proposals which were put forward.

It was decided to recommend to the meeting that the first one re Rule 13 be recommended to be passed.

The 2nd one re Concedes to be voted against.

The 3rd one re Cup Dates  to be voted for.

The 4th one re Final Positions to be an open vote.         




There was no other business and the meeting closed at 7.40pm.


Nothing was decided re the next meeting


R Robinson

League Secretary