Minutes for Nov 3rd 2009

Minutes for Miller Homes Committee Meeting held at Preston Grasshoppers Nov 3rd  2009 

Present:-          F W Swarbrick,           R Robinson,     J Powell,      J Daldry,              

I Cosens,          A Thompson,     G King

Apologies:      J Adams           H Hughes,        C Hine.


Matters Arising:        Nothing.


Finance:          The Treasurer explained that we have a healthy balance. That included approximately £3500 in the Benevolent Fund. He explained that the account had been changed because the existing type had been disbanded. John also told the meeting that the RFU payments had still not come through, as neither had the Raging Bull sponsorship. He had been in contact with both parties and cheques had been promised and would be arriving very shortly.


Sponsorship:               The Chairman explained that John Adams couldn’t attend but gave a resumé of the items that John wished brought up. John was in negotiations with a Company, whose name he didn’t want disclosing at the present time.

John Powell was asked to check with John Adams whether there was any money to come from Amazon. They had now been on the website for nearly a year and John had so far not received anything.

It was also announced that another firm similar to Amazon had been approached to possibly advertise on the front page of the website.


NOW I RUL(E) Times:         When quizzed by the Chairman very few of the Committee said they had viewed the Newspaper. John Powell stated that it was too long and should be limited on the number of pages. The Secretary was instructed to see if a check on the number of hits on the Newspaper pages could be made to see if it was worthwhile carrying on.   


Raging Bull Finals:    The Secretary was instructed to put a notice on the front page of the website asking for Clubs to contact the Secretary for a proforma if they intended putting in a bid for the Finals. The cut-off date for this would be December 31st 2009.

It was explained by the Secretary that the Chairman and he would be away for the 1st round of the Cups and when the draw should be made. John Powell and Andy Thompson offered to do the draw in their absence but when the Secretary explained that he would have to send the programme for the draw to one of them to put on their own Computer they decided to decline. It was then decided that the Chairman and Secretary would make the draw in conjuction with their wives whilst away. The Secretary said he had checked with the destination of where they would be and had been promised a broadband connection, so this meant that the draw could be made and put on the websites.


Dinner, May 7th:        It was agreed that the event would be held at Preston Grasshoppers again. Jon Daldry apologised for not contacting either the Secretary or Chairman to explain that it couldn’t be held at Bowdon because the limit for people there was 220 people which was too few.

John Powell agreed to confirm the event with Hoppers. John Adams would meet with Hoppers to agree the price and menu.

It was agreed by the Committee to again subsidise the event and tickets would be £10 per person.


Promotion/Relegation:           The Secretary brought this up because there had been queries on the FORUM what differences would be made where leagues had exclusions.

It was clarified that “ALL TEAMS IN A PROMOTION POSITION” at the end of the season will be promoted.


The explanation would be given as such:-   Where a League had lost a team through exclusion only teams in the original relegation positions would be candidates for relegation. It would be possible that if a league had lost a team where there were four relegation positions e.g. Division 2, then only 3 teams would be relegated. No team in positions 10 or above would face relegation.                       

This is an example because at present time Division 2 hasn’t lost any teams.


Banned Players:         It was explained by the Chairman that a Pendle player banned by Lancashire had played three times for Colne & Nelson. Lancashire Disciplinary Committee had taken this matter up after it had been reported. The player was due to go before Lancashire next week to find out his fate.

It was proposed that we put a list of all banned players on our website to try and prevent this happening again. This was agreed and it was pointed out that we had already received a list for last month from Brian Stott. It was decided that once all the other Counties Disciplinary Committees had been contacted in order to get the lists then they would be displayed. Once this happened it was agreed that the Clubs would have no excuses for playing any banned players and the League could take action if that happened.


Meeting with N.C.A. November 2nd 2009:               It was explained to the Committee that the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer had met with personnel from the NCA and the Candy Leagues at Kirkby Lonsdale, the previous evening. We had gone there to listen to their presentation. A write-up by FWS was passed round for the Committee to read. In essence these two organisations wanted to take the top teams from their leagues along with the top teams from the Bateman BMW Premier League and form a Super League with promotion to it and relegation from it. It had been pointed out to them that the original formation of the Premier League came about because of it being poorly run and the excessive amounts of travelling by teams in it. It was also a matter of fact that they would like the Miller Homes Leagues to run this new project. They were wanting another meeting in December to get this off the ground.

Much discussion ensued and it was decided at the end of this that FWS would reply to the NCA Chairman that Miller Homes must contact all Bateman BMW Premier League Clubs before any meeting would be set up.

It was agreed that FWS would contact all Premier Clubs plus Lymm and Sandbach, who at present time hold the 1st and 2nd places in Division 1, and urge them to send a representative of the Club to a meeting with Miller Homes Committee on 17th November to discuss proposals that the League would put to them. The venue was hoped to be at Liverpool SH but this would be confirmed by the Chairman.  


A.O.B.             The Chairman had been given a personal invite by John Owen, the RFU President to attend with his wife the England match versus Argentina at Twickenham. It was decided by the Committee to assist with costs to the tune of £250. 


The Chairman explained that Buxton had contacted him with a view to them exiting the National Leagues with their 1st team but wanted to keep their 2nds and 3rds in the Miller Homes. He had said that he would put it to the Committee that this be accepted. There was no support whatsoever for this, pointing out that we could not set a precedent and he was instructed to inform Patrick Leahy that if the 1st team left the National Leagues then the 2nds and 3rds would be expelled from the Miller Homes Leagues.


The Secretary informed the Committee that in the last three weeks we had received three written complaints about the Ashton-on-Mersey 2nd XV. FWS explained that this item had been ongoing with Ashton from last season. It also included a complaint from a referee who had officiated at the Halbro Finals in May. The Chairman explained that he had e-mailed Geof Cove, who was the Disciplinary Officer at Ashton at least three times previously, and action had only been taken after two months re the Finals complaint. There had been occasions last season when we had received complaints and nothing had been done. He had e-mailed Geof Cove again recently who apparently had spoken to the referee involved on one occasion and would not take any action.

The Committee decided that the person who had signed their Code of Conduct should be contacted by the Secretary. This person turned out to be the Chairman, John Powell had the Code of Conduct document with him. It was to be pointed out to him that the Code of Conduct had already been broken in many ways and the Club would have to put their house in order. The repercussions in not doing this would be thoroughly explained to him.


The meeting closed at 10.05pm.  

The next meeting would now be in December 2009/ January 2010 to be decided at the meeting with the Premier Clubs at LSH on November 17th .


R Robinson

League Secretary