Minutes for May 13th 2010

Minutes of the NOWIRUL Meeting held at PGH on May 13th 2010. 

Present :- Fred Swarbrick, Reg Robinson, John Powell, Howard Hughes, Ian Cosens, Jon Daldry, Craig Hine. 

Apologies :- John Adams, Greg King, Andy Thompson. Meeting commenced a 19.30 hrs. 

Matters Arising The Chairman opened the Meeting reporting that the Finals Day and the Presentation evening had been resounding successes. There were one or two issues and these will be discussed later this evening. 

The University of Salford were now our new Sponsors and thanks were expressed to John Adams for all his work in achieving this valuable Sponsorship. Logos and other items were in the process of being changed accordingly. 

The format of our publication THE NOW I RUL(E) TIMES had been changed. Thanks were expressed to The Wigan Club for their efforts in making the Finals Day a resounding success. “The Team of the Week” will be taken off the Web Site and the Committee will decide the “Team of the Season”.  

A discrepancy in our Rules for the Cup and Leagues had NOT been looked at by the Chairman and Secretary but will be. 

Nothing had been obtained regards the proposal for a 2nd XV Competition from the RFU.



John Powell reported a healthy balance in the bank which included £4091.16 of the

Benevolent Fund. Most liabilities have been met but 4 committee members still have to submit

expenses claims.

Finals, Trophies Expenses had all now been paid. The Benevolent Fund had benefitted from a collection on the Finals Day (thanks again to the Wigan Club) and a draw at the Dinner to the tune of £900 approx. The Fund now stood at £4000 approx.Obviously we would hope this might never be used.A full balance will be produced for the AGM. 

Dinner Problem


The Presentation Dinner was again a most enjoyable event with three County Presidents in attendance and our new Sponsors “The University of Salford”.  Representatives from Raging Bull also joined us.

A problem occurred when food started to be thrown about. The culprits were identified as Macclesfield and after a number of requests to ask them to stop the problem continued. The floor was covered in the food causing a serious risk to the waitresses who continued to serve throughout the display. Later a message was received from the Miller Homes Company stating their disappointment in the occurrences even though they weren’t present at the Dinner. An unknown source had informed them. They were worried that these happenings might tarnish their reputation.

The Leagues Secretary would write to the Preston Grasshoppers Club and The Macclesfield Club. Apologies to Miller Homes and Preston Grasshoppers.

John Adams had already written with apologies to Miller Homes and thought that sufficient. It was agreed an enhanced sum would be paid to Preston Grasshoppers to cover cleaning costs. These costs would be forwarded to the Macclesfield Club asking for remuneration.. 

Raging Bull Finals  Orrell 2nd XV v Whitchurch 3rd XV 

A complaint had been received from the Whitchurch 3rd XV regarding the strength of the Orrell 2nd XV that played in the Plate Final. Those who saw the match thought certain players on the Orrell XV had abilities above this level. Whitchurch had provided evidence gleaned from the Orrell web site providing evidence that senior players might have been used by the Orrell Club. 

The complaint had been forwarded to Orrell and a response was awaited. The Committee agreed that at the present time it should remain in the domain of the Rules Committee. 

Applications for Entry to the Leagues and Strucrure.


The Secretary reported we have had 23 applications to join the Leagues in the 2010-11 season. We have only 21 places available. One of the applications was from the Wharfedale 2nd XV a Yorkshire side. A long discussion took place regards this application. It was decided we are a North West organisation and this application should not be approved. It was suggested that the Wharfedale side might obtain fixtures in the second half of the season as our Premier Clubs are faced with blank Saturdays on the introduction of a Conference System.

Buxton 1st XV had also re-applied but had also applied to join the National Leagues so may not join us even if offered a place. The Secretary would check the situation and if found they were joining the National Leagues then a place would be offered to the Millom 2nd XV. All our Leagues would now have 14 sides in a full complement. 

Structure.The Secretary along with Barry Allen had been working on our Structures for next season. He proposed we split Division 2 into North and South in consequence we would lose one of our Division 3 Leagues. It was felt that the only certain promotion of one side from 3 as they are at present was not satisfactory. Again after long discussions mainly regarding the possible diluting of strength in the Division 2 the proposal was carried. All Leagues would now be in a position to allow for the promotion of two sides.. 

AGM Notices of Motions


An Agenda for the AGM would be provided by the Secretary. The Meeting would be held at the Tyldesley Club on the 20th May 8.00p.m.All the motions to be discussed except one had been presented by members of the Committee. These would be supported by the Committee.The proposal forwarded by Dominic O’Sullivan of the Altrincham Kersal Club regarding the Rules for re-entry after being excluded in April will also be supported by the Committee. 

Any Other Business 

The increasing work load for our Secretary was discussed, with particular regard to the season just passed and the considerable work required with Fixture re-arrangements.The main problem is concerned with the in-putting of these Fixtures onto the Rugby First Web Site. The Secretary suggested the inputting of any re-arrangements onto the NOWIRUL site was relatively easy but the inputting of both League and Cup re-arrangements on to the Rugby First site was to say the least time consuming.

The Secretary was willing to continue in these procedures but with the amount of time spent in these duties and without any foreseeable modifications to the Rugby First site he felt some sort of remuneration should be in order.

He complained that our League Secretaries were not updating their Results on Rugby First, The Chairman asked for co-operation in this and it was agreed that they would all be entered by 12.00 noon on the Sunday.

The NOWIRUL site would be up-dated as now on the Saturday evening. The Secretary and our Web Master would hopefully continue to provide all Fixtures for the Leagues and supply them for entry onto The University of Salford NW LEAGUES Web Site by Jim Gooch.

A premium of 15% of the Twickenham support would be provided for our Secretary for his work in this along with his work in up dating both Sites in the event of postponements. The Committee were anxious that we don’t once again meet the situation of  “no cover” in the event of either Reg or Barry being incapacitated.

To avoid this a position of a “Fixture Planning Manager” (sounds like Town Hall speak) would be instigated. He would be trained in all aspects of Fixture Making and Web Site inputting. Our Treasurer volunteered to fill this position, but again it was felt that at least one other person should have this knowledge. It was emphasised this person might not necessarily be a Committee member. 

The Committee agreed that all Clubs and teams should be asked to re-affirm their commitment to “The Code of Conduct” document for next season, by signing the requisite form. Entry fees were discussed and it was decided that for next season the fee should be £40 per side. The Chairman asked those present if they were willing to stand again next season. All agreed they would do so. Later absentees also agreed to do so. 

The Chairman confirmed that The Bateman BMW Premier League would operate as a Conference System next season as a trial. After a first round of matches two sub – leagues would form to play each other twice. The season would be a trial season as proposed at The Liverpool St. Helens Meeting. The Chairman reported that a new strip would be ordered for our Association Referees for the start of next season. They would reflect our new Sponsors. 

The Secretary would forward a letter of thanks to Geoff Mills who provided Rugby Balls to be distributed at the recent Presentation Dinner. In the event of no other business the Meeting closed at 22.15 p.m.