Minutes for Jan 13th 2011


Members attending:     Fred Swarbrick, Reg Robinson, John Powell, Ian Cosens, Greg King, Craig Hine, Jon Daldry.


Apologies from:  Peter Rhodes, Andy Thompson, John Adams, Howard Hughes.


No matters arising from previous meeting.


Finance.            John Powell reported a satisfactory balance in the bank account.  He confirmed that sponsorship monies had been received from University of Salford to cover the period up to the end of the 2011/2012 season. A problem with Bateman BMW had been successfully resolved.


Sponsorship.          John Adams had spoken to the Chairman but the Committee required John to provide a written report. It was unknown whether there were any sponsorship issues to be discussed at this point.


Raging Bull Finals        The committee discussed applications from Clubs who wish to host the Raging Bull Finals for 2011. Disappointingly only two clubs had applied to hold the finals this season. Namely, Trafford MV RUFC, and Stockport RUFC. The committee felt that both clubs had submitted excellent bids with Stockport offering the greater detail in the planning whereas Trafford MV were slightly ahead in clubhouse and changing facilities. In the end the Committee was evenly split on who should win the bid but other matters such as experience in hosting major events and the fact that they had submitted an unsuccessful bid in a previous season swung the decision in the favour of Stockport RUFC. It is hoped that Trafford MV will apply again in a future season.


Dinner            The Presentation Dinner for the 2011 season will be held on Friday May 13th at Preston Grasshopper RUFC. It was decided to ask Mark Ashley of Wigan RUFC as M.C. for the evening. Mark does charge a fee for his services but has offered on this occasion to donate said fee to a charity of his choice. This was accepted by the Committee. It was felt that the presentation table at the end of the room was not ideal as recipient at the other end of the room felt isolated and lost interest half way through. It was agreed to move the presentation table to the centre of the room to see if this worked any better. The number of guests to be invited from Sponsors, Counties and Referee societies was agreed upon meaning that if all accept the top tables could number almost 40 persons. Details of menu and other matters will be dealt with at a later date. Closing date for applications for tickets will be April 30th 2011 and the cost per head to remain at £10. 


Sale Sharks            Sale Shark have requested to have a closer association with us and wish to put an advert on our web site. This was agreed to with Sale Sharks bearing the cost of web site work. They wish to publicize “Rugby at the Reebok” and have a direct link to their own web site. In return they will supply some shirts for Association referees and a table for ten at the Sale Sharks annual dinner. At a meeting with the Sale Sharks representative it was asked if 2 season tickets for Sale sharks could be made available as a raffle prize at our dinner. As yet no answer has been received on this point.


Postponements            Reg. Robinson reported that he had 218 postponed games to re-arrange. This is far fewer than at the same point last season and he sees no serious problem in getting all games played provided there is no further bad weather. However some games will have to be scheduled for Easter Saturday.  There is a slight problem with the Premier league which has now gone into the Conference stage a few weeks late. Premier and Div. 1 teams still in the Raging bull cup will have to play two further round of this competition under lights in midweek to free up cup Saturdays and allow the Conference games to be completed.


Rule 13           Rule 13 was discussed once again by the committee. This rule is proving to create a dis-proportionate amount of work for the Rules Committee. It is felt that some action needs to be taken to reduce this work load. The committee made no decision at this meeting but all members to go away and try and think of ways to simplify or re-word this rule.


Tony Ayin       Tony Ayin is formerly of University of Salford but had now moved to pastures new. As a keen rugby man he has been impressed with the work and achievements of NOWIRUL and has asked if there is any way he can become involved and help the leagues progress. Whereas there is no immediate need for a new committee member it is never a good idea to turn away a good volunteer. Fred Swarbrick volunteered to relinquish the editorship of the NOW I RUL(E) TIMES which Tony might be interested to take on and it was also suggested that he might like to be a permanent Chairman of the Appeals Committee. It was decided to offer Tony both positions and see what happens.


Meeting closed at 22.15