Minutes for April 28th 2011

Attending;   Fred Swarbrick,  Reg. Robinson   John Powell,  Howard Hughes, Craig Hine, 

Jon Daldry

Apologies;  Peter Rhodes,   John Adams,  Greg King,  Andy Thompson, Ian Cousins, 

Greg King,  Tony Ayin.


Meeting commenced at  20.00 hrs.

Fred Swarbrick opened the meeting by reporting that apart from problems caused by

inclement weather the season had progressed satisfactorily and the league set-up worked

so efficiently that this was only the second meeting the committee had been called to

since the 2010 AGM. He welcomed committee members present and proceeded to:-


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and there were no mattes arising.



John Powell reported a reasonable balance of which £3158 was attributed to the

Benevolent Fund. There is still around £2000 outstanding from the RFU .No funds had

been received from “Easy Fundraising” and due to the economic climate very little

interest was credited from a positive balance. Craig Hine will look at the possibility of moving money to a different account where a better interest rate may be achieved.



Fred Swarbrick reported that he had received a letter from John Adams whereby he

stated he had made a change of career and was unable to continue as our Sponsorship

Secretary. Accordingly he felt it necessary to resign from the committee but was

prepared to act as consultant on certain matters particularly in dealing with contacts

he had already built up and with whom he had a good relationship. The committee

wished him well for the future and expressed their thanks for the work and effort he

had put in hitherto.


After a short discussion it was decided to approach Tony Ayin to see if he would be

interested in taking on this role.


Due to the delays caused by the weather this winter there is only one final to be played

this year. This will take place at the ground of Stockport RUFC at 3 pm on May 7th 2011.

All arrangements are in hand and the day is expected to run smoothly. There will be a

collection for the Benevolent Fund as usual. The UoS. League have decided to pay all

expenses this year as Stockport will only have the one game to benefit from but is is

already agreed that next years finals day will also be held at Stockport.



Rugby at the Reebok produced the biggest crowd in the history of Sale Shark for a

Premiership home game and so is considered a success. It is believed the there will

be 2 home games played at the Reebok next season. Funds are still owed to the

UoS for alterations to our web site to publicise the game at the Reebok. Similarly the

2 season tickets have not yet been received for the 2011/2012 season. Also the table

for 10 at the Sharks Presentation dinner is still outstanding as the original dinner was

cancelled due to the weather preventing the planned game to take place. Fred Swarbrick

will contact Sharks and chase these matters.



Reg Robinson reported that 19 teams had been expelled from the leagues this season

for failing to fulfil the required fixtures and a further 2 teams expect to leave us as

Pendle 1 and  Clitheroe 1 plan to join the RFU leagues. Good luck to both of them.

To date 16 teams have applied to join or re-join meaning that some leagues will have

less than 14 sides. These will almost certainly be the leagues at level 5 and these

leagues may be scheduled to start a week later than the rest.


2 teams applied for voluntary relegation whilst not ending the season in an automatic

relegation position. The committee discussed both requests and decided that in the

case of Carnforth 2 they would almost certainly have finished in 14th place if 2 teams

had not been excluded from their league and so their request was allowed.  In the

case of Sandbach 3 it was noted that they had finished in mid table in spite of a much

weakened player pool and that their results over the last 2 months had been not too

bad. Their application was therefore denied.


Arrangements for the Presentation Dinner were going well. This will be held at PGH at

7.30 for 8.00pm. To raise funds for the Benevolent Fund there will be a simple raffle

this year with all entrants putting a minimum of £5 in an envelope and with their name

on the outside. The winning envelope will receive 2 season tickets for Sale Sharks with

second prize being £100 and third prize £50.  Any envelope drawn with no money will

have the entrant named and shamed.


TEAM OF THE SEASON will be announced at the dinner. 


WORKHORSE TROPHY will also be presented which this year goes to a very worthy winner

of this magnificent trophy. 


On field discipline is now dealt with by relevant County authorities but matters

concerning teams or Clubs playing league or cup games is still a matter for the

Rules Committee. It came to the notice of the committee that Blackpool RUFC

had chosen to play a friendly match with a touring side and forfeited a game versus

Rossendale 3 to do so. This is strictly against league rules. The main reason for

doing this was that Blackpool expected a substantial bar take on this day which could

not be expected if they had played Rossendale. It has been said before that if any

team wishes to postpone a game for a good reason then an application should be

made a month in advance and such an application will be looked at sympathetically

providing the postponed match can be fitted in elsewhere. In this case the touring

side’s plans were known as far back as October 2010 but no application for a

postponement was received. The Rules Committee understands the need for clubs

to be financially viable and proper application of the rules allow for this. Blackpool

were clearly in breach of the rules in this case and have been deducted 20 points

from the beginning of next season. 7 days have passed since the imposition of this

penalty and no appeal has been received and therefore the 20 point penalty will stand.



This years AGM will be held at Tyldesley RUFC on May 23rd at 20.00 hrs.


The committee will meet at 19.00hrs for a brief update on latest developments.

It is known that certain persons are proposing rule changes to be voted on at the AGM.

In particular these involve changes to Rule 13 which has been a problem to administer

from day 1.


Premiership Conference.   This season the Premiership was split into Conference A

and Conference B half way through the season.  This was experimental with the

intention of asking the teams involved if they wished it to continue in future seasons.

The 14 teams involved this season have now been balloted and of the 11 replies

received 8 are in favour and 3 against. As a result the conference system will continue

through the 2011/2012 season



Meeting closed 21.50