Minutes for May 23rd 2011

                     MINUTES OF NOWIRUL MEETING HELD AT TYLDESLEY ON 23rd May 2011


This meeting convened immediately prior to A.G.M.

Attending;   Fred Swarbrick,  Reg. Robinson   John Powell,  Ian Cousins   Jon Daldry,  Tony Ayin,

Apologies;  Peter Rhodes,   Howard Hughes.  Andy Thompson, Greg King, Craig Hine.

Meeting commenced at 19.00 hrs.

Fred Swarbrick opened the meeting by welcoming the members present.


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and there were no matters arising.


John Powell presented audited accounts for the year reminding the committee the University of Salford had paid 2 years sponsorship at the beginning of their tenure as our sponsors and therefore there would be no monies received from this source for the coming season 2011/12. He also explained that there had been a mistake in the VAT calculations for the sponsorship monies received from Bateman BMW meaning that income from that source would be much reduced to correct the matter. The dinner still had to be paid for to Preston Grasshoppers but there were negotiation in progress on the final sum due to the unsatisfactory functioning of the PA on the night. There had been less expenditure than usual on the finals due to the cancellation of 3 competitions caused by bad weather but this had meant the expenses for the day were higher than usual due to financial assistance agreed to the Stockport club. A budget was agreed to the sum of £2500 for support of association refs for next season but nevertheless there appeared to be no need to increase membership fees.


Tony Ayin was introduced with a proposal that he be elected to the committee to replace John Adams as Commercial Manager. He stated that the position of University of Salford as our main sponsor was not clear after the 2011/12 season but he would endeavour to clarify that situation asap. He also suggested that he may try and find sponsors for each level in our leagues to operate under the umbrella of our main sponsors.

Sale Sharks seem happy with their presence on our web site but up to now no monies had been received for this. This will be investigated along with other gifts that were due to be made.


Fred and Reg both said that the final day had passed off well at Stockport but it was a pity that there was only one game. Stockport will host the finals again next year.


Rugby at the Reebok produced the biggest crowd in the history of Sale Shark for a Premiership home game and so is considered a success. It is believed the there will be 2 home games played at the Reebok next season. Funds are still owed to the UoS for alterations to our web site to publicise the game at the Reebok. Similarly the 2 season tickets have been received for the 2011/2012 season.  (Penrith won these at the dinner.) Also the table for 10 at the Sharks Presentation dinner is still outstanding as the original dinner was cancelled due the  weather preventing the planned game to take place. Fred Swarbrick will contact Sharks and chase these matters.


The dinner passed off well with better behaviour than last year but sadly the PA was unsatisfactory as reported by John Powell in his financial report. There were too many bouquets supplied for the ladies and whilst it is understood that these are much appreciated by the lady guests we wondered if this was really necessary. This will be further discussed at a future meeting.


Reg Robinson reported that a complaint had been received from Winnington Park 2 that in their final game of the season versus Heaton Moor 2, where a relegation place was at stake for the losing side, it was alleged that Heaton Moor 2 had loaded their side with first team players contrary to Rule 13. Reg and Fred had investigated this complaint thoroughly and found it to be proven.  Consequently Winnington Park 2 were awarded 3 extra points and Heaton Moor 2 were deducted 8 points, 4 for this season and 4 for next season. The positions of both sides were therefore reversed in the league. It was not known at this point whether or not Heaton Moor 2 would appeal this decision.


Proposal 1   Proposed by Dave Cunningham, Warrington RUFC and seconded by Reg Robinson, Vale of Lune RUFC

It was proposed that Rule 13 should be amended to omit the first sentence forbidding the bringing in of players from a higher team for certain matches. The committee acknowledges that this is still the spirit in which we wish the leagues to operate but the time used and the work caused when a complaint is made is totally disproportionate to the benefits gained. The committee agreed to support this proposal.

Proposal 2   Proposed by Dave Cunningham, Warrington RUFC and seconded by Matt. Whitely, Village Spartans RUFC.

Addition to Rule 10 (d). Any team that goes uncontested must remove a player from the pitch. In the event that their opposition lose a player who cannot be replaced there is no requirement to remove a second player on the side that has gone uncontested.

The committee noted that the RFU had introduced a similar rule 2 seasons ago. Our leagues had asked for, and received, exemption from this rule as we have no requirement for front row substitutes. The RFU quickly repealed this rule as they found it unsatisfactory. Ian Cousins suggested that if this rule was approved perhaps the player taken off MUST be the player unable to continue in the front row. The committee found itself unable to form an opinion on this rule change and decided to ask for views from the member clubs attending the forthcoming AGM.



Meeting closed 19.55hrs.