Minutes of Meeting 29th May 2012

Minutes of the Pre-Meeting to the AGM  29th May 2012

Present :- Fred Swarbrick;Reg Robinson; John Powell; Ian Cosens; Greg King; Tony Ayin; Jon Daldry; Craig Hine; Barry Allen; Howard Hughes;

Apologies :- Peter Rhodes; Andy Thompson;

Approval of Minutes

The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 27th March 2012 were passed as a true record of the Meeting.

Matters arising

Any Matters from the previous Meeting to be discussed during the present Meeting.


Treasurer John Powell produced a balance sheet for the year 2011-2012.

He indicated that our Finances were in a healthy position, but lower than year 2010-2011. This was mainly due to The University of Salford paying two years in one tranche with no payment due in the immediate past season.

The Benevolent Fund had benefitted from work carried out by the Stockport Club on the Finals Day and from the draw on the night of the Dinner.

All commitments had been completed and all income had been received.

Thanks were given to John for his work during the season.


Tony Ayin outlined the present position. The University of Salford had now left us and after some negotiation through Tony and The Raging Bull Company, Raging Bull would now become our major Sponsor for the season 2012-2013. At the present time this would be ongoing.

The Chairman indicated that Bateman BMW would once again be the Sponsors of our prestigious Premier League.

We thank both companies for their valuable support in the running of our Leagues.

Due to Raging Bull taking over the full sponsorship Tony A. was looking for a new Sponsor of our Cup Competitions.. He was talking to parties who are interested in taking over these Competitions which in fact would be expanded in 2012-2013.

John Powell asked about the situation regards the presentation of apparel on the Finals Day. Tony indicated that Raging Bull would continue their support in this sphere.

Thanks were given to Tony A. for all his work over the past season, especially for the organisation of the Finals Day and the Presentation Dinner.

Presentation Dinner

The general consensus was that the Dinner was a resounding success. The Bowdon Club had produced a brilliant set up for us and it’s clear from the pictures it was enjoyed by all. Mark Ashley again M/c’ ed the event in his own inimitable way and helped in the success of the evening. Paynent had been made to his nominated Charity.

We now know we have two of our Clubs which can hold our Dinner with a capacity of 290 approx. people. It was decided to use both venues where available on alternate years.

Next season the Dinner should be at Preston Grasshoppers. (Later John P. confirmed that Hoppers had been booked and we should be able to maintain the subsidised price at £10,00 per head.)

We need to talk to Bowdon regards the following season and firm up a booking now.

Finals Day

The Stockport Club held a full Finals Day after the disappointment of the previous season. Some great games were witnessed, over the Day. Thanks were expressed to the Stockport Club for allowing us to use their facilities.

Proposal for the AGM from the Liverpool St. Helens Club seconded by Lymm.

It was established as a whole, the Committee would be unanimous in their views that this proposal should not be passed at the AGM. The feeling was that the way it had been presented as two Conferences was not correct. In fact it would be splitting the Premier League into two separate Leagues of 7 sides.

The methods that had been used to pursue support for the proposal were against the general openness in the way the Leagues are run. No approach or consultation had been made to the relevant League Secretary in fact he had no idea that this process was being carried out.

Vale of Lune RUFC had been deliberately omitted from the process on the basis that the Chairman and Secretary were members of the said Club.An unusual situation because members of the administrative side of the Club could well have had valuable contributions to make.

The Committee would vote down the proposal at the appropriate time during the AGM.


Any Other Business.

The Committee members present were asked if they were prepared to stand again for next season. All agreed that they would do so.

Barry Allen had agreed to take over as 5 East Secretary in place of Howard Hughes who had been honoured with the position of England’s U18s Assistant Manager. This to be ratified hopefully at the AGM to follow this Meeting.

The Chairman offered the comment that it was great news to see our valuable, hard working Secretary Reg Robinson with us again after his extremely difficult personal problems over the recent weeks.

The Meeting closed at 7.25 p.m.