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Minutes of Committee Meeting - 19 June 2019


Minutes of the Pre A.G.M. Meeting: Leigh RUFC on 19th June 2019

Present: Fred Swarbrick, John Powell, Reg Robinson, Andy Thompson, Paul Riordan, Peter Harrison, Peter Rhodes, Jon Daldry and Craig Hine

Apologies: Ian Cousens, Tommy Hughes, Greg King, Paul Whiston and Stephen Branch

Chairman’s Report:

(see AGM minutes) Fred presented his report – no further comments

Finals & League Dinner Reports:

2 excellent finals hosted by Oldham and Old Bedians with 6 very competitive games. PH raised the issue regarding the length of time it took NWAS to reach the Old Bedians ground – around 50 minutes. Although the player was cared for by physios etc it was suggested we may need to investigate medical cover for future finals. Fred contacted Anselmians and offered the player help from the Benevolent Fund – Not requested. There are 3 applicants for next year Vale of Lune, Bowden and Sale. Sale cannot confirm that the games would be held at Heywood Road so this will not help their application
The League dinner was another excellent event with over 240 ladies and gentlemen present. Raised over £800 for the Benevolent Fund and both winning teams from the raffle put their winnings back into the fund. Next years dinner will be at Bowden which may give them 2 events next year
Finance Report: (see AGM minutes) it was disappointing that there was no copy of the accounts available just a descriptive report. As this is an A.G.M. it was felt that fully audited accounts should have been presented although there was a question of when the official year end was, and whether that gave enough time for the accounts to be signed off before the A.G.M.

Fixture Secretary’s Report:

The committee discussed 3 possible options for league set ups. It was agreed that the preferred option was for 14 team leagues at all levels but would require a new proposal being put forward for this to start in the 19/20 season. RR agreed to table the proposal. This would depend on the outcome of proposal 10 on the agenda. It was also agreed to continue the trial where weather cancellations in leagues 4 & 5 go to the pools panel.
Co-opted Members: The committee to propose co-opted members Paul Riordan and Peter Harrison as full committee members. It was felt that Sara Shackleton didn’t need a proposal as she is a Honoury member rather than a co-opted one. Also John Daldry is stepping down from the committee
Any Other Business:

Discussion was had with regards to the lack of a forum on the new website. This would come at an extra cost and we needed to understand the benefits v costs. It had been noted that the number of hits on the website had been dropping and it was felt that results were available from the RFU

AT introduced Transition (see attached - what transition is for rugby and a Transition schedule) and asked that fixtures especially for divisions 3, 4 & 5 are scheduled on the Transition weeks for Colts rugby (attached) – It was agreed to help

There is to be a review of the rules to remove any anomalies

Pools Panel decisions to be made by JP, FS and the League Secretary. No appeals will be allowed against these decisions.

Re the Appeals procedure as outlined in Rule 23. We must ensure that at least three members of the Committee are not involved in any Rule Decision. This allows them to make up the Appeals Committee.