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Minutes of Committee Meeting 01/12/19

Minutes of Committee Meeting on 01/12/2019


Committee Present

Fred Swarbrick (FS), John Powell (JP), Ian Cosens (IC), Greg King (GK), Paul Riordan (PRI), Peter Rhodes (PRH), Peter Harrison (PH), Craig Hine (CH), Andy Thompson (AT), Sara Shackleton (SS)


Tommy Hughes

FS opened the meeting by saying that Paul Whiston had resigned from the committee for personal reasons and that the committee was without a secretary for the present. PH agreed to take the minutes for the meeting.

Matters Arising

A discussion took place around the RFU “Game On” protocols and whether they were being implemented. Consensus of opinion was that most clubs expected to play a player short (league rules) if they did not have a full compliment. “Game On” require matching numbers and other possibilities but still requires agreement from both teams. AT reminded the committee that if a club was found to be in breach of the protocols that a points deduction could be imposed against the 1st team although he was unaware if such a penalty had been imposed yet.
IC asked about the current status of the Transition weekends. Although it should have already begun, due to weather postponements of Colts and county games there had yet been a free Saturday. The discussion went onto U17s playing in adult rugby as per the transition plan and AT said that it was causing a number of CRB issues re: changing facilities, travel arrangement especially for colts playing in 2nd/3rd team games where appropriate DBS cleared person(s) may not be available.

The RFU are currently holding review meeting to discuss the state of the game and there appears to be limited access to these meetings as they have only been held in the North East and AT had applied to go to one but was turned down.

Minutes of previous meeting accepted


Cotton Traders have renewed £1k, as mentioned above Robinson have paid to sponsor the Cup competition for the next 2 years. Trickett who sponsor Div 4 North £200 and IC has invoiced 2 other companies for divisional sponsors at £200. IC to send out details re: divisional sponsorship to committee to try and attract more sponsors from league contacts. Also to go on website. IC suggested season and half deal for £300 (This has been superceded by Ian’s email of the 2nd to £320). Although raised during the discussion on finance Halbro’s sponsorship of the leagues has been paid for in goods e.g. referees kits and IC thought it might be a good idea to try and develop this sponsorship into benefits for the clubs eg Training/subs bibs, ball deal IC to discuss with them.


Current balance is £59,755 but there is £7,000 owing for trophies for the past 2 seasons. FS has requested an invoice but nothing forthcoming.
GK said that the RFU funding had been passed on to Lancashire RFU and he was chasing them for payment. JP mentioned that the RFU now needed a development plan to be awarded any funding. The 2020 development plan will be based around league “Whats App” groups which have been trialled in 3 leagues. PRI explained how easy it was and the benefits

Benevolent Fund: Current balance £12,277.

Details of a request to help a Rochdale player had been circulated prior to the meeting. IC proposed AT seconded that we send him £500 this month and review again in 4 weeks following feedback from the player and his club

AT mention another potential claim for a KLRUFC player who suffered a broken tibia and fibia and dislocated ankle. He is a sheep farmer and works on his elderly father’s farm and may require help to bring in some additional labour during lambing season as he may be out 12-15 weeks. Agreed to look favourably on any request. AT to liaise with KLRUFC and the player.

Both these cases highlight the need for player insurance especially for self employed workers. League to raise awareness.


Finals 2nd May 2020: To be held at Bowdon and Vale of Lune. IC and PRI to meet with the Bowdon club, and FS and JP to meet with Vale to discuss with the clubs how they intend to manage the day. Once the finalists are known the clubs will be allocated on travel distances or if more than one teams etc. Robinson’s are still sponsoring the cup competition and although they have now sold off there outsales business have now paid for the next two years. IC to offer Robinson’s hospitality to the finals and league dinner.


Presentation Dinner 8th May 2020: To be held at the Bowdon club. IC and GK to discuss event with Bowdon to finalise menus costs etc


To date 94 concedes = 10% which is less than this time last year 12%. We have lost 8 teams but three of those went before the first game of the season. 8 league games to re-arrange due to cup weather cancellations and 10 games still to be played. The format of the Conference system will be A 5 B 5 and C6. This again started the discussion on a 14 team Premiership which the clubs voted against at the AGM. We will need to revisit again in time for the next AGM. There have been 245 changes to fixtures so far this season
JP asked that he is notified if a postponed game is agreed or weather (may require a pools panel decision) and any NFR wins so he can amend the points.
PRH asked about inequalities in scores and JP said that they were no more than usual although this was an issue for all leagues not just ours. AT mentioned a 200+ score in a RFU league.
JP now sets up all the fixtures, he is the only person with the knowledge, and we do need someone else with this ability and knowledge. Barry helped greatly with this, in fact it was a programme set up by himself, and his death has left a big hole. FS says he knows of someone who might help but he may charge. FS to make contact and find out cost. PH offered to help, but works full time and was willing to take leave to help out.



Website: About 5000 hits per month which is less than the old one. A lot of people now use the RFU site to get scores/fixtures.

IC asked SS about the concussion protocols and whether players needed a medical approval to start playing again after the 21 days. SS explained that if the player is properly managed through the 21 period them medical advice would only be needed if they continued to show signs of concussion after light training etc.
SS raised the issue of sepsis to injured players with open wounds especially if dog excrement on the pitch is a possibility. Always tell ambulance service in such cases that sepsis is a high possibility and they should respond immediately


Meeting closed 19:11