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1  Present;- Please sign list of Attendance.
2. Committee Present.
3. Apologies
4. Minutes of AGM 17th November 2020 held by Zoom (See Web Site)
5. Chairmans report (See Web Site)
6. Sponsorship last season and for the forthcoming season.
7. Finance;- Presented by our Treasurer Mr Greg King
8. Fixture Secretaries Report ( Mr. John Powell)
9. Election of Officers for the upcoming season.
10. Motions received
11. A.O.B


Motions Received

Rule 20: Rearrangements

All fixtures will be decided by the League Committee.

Where matches need to be re-arranged, for whatever reason, the decision on the rearranged date must be ratified by League’s FIXTURE SECRETARY.

If a team requires a re-arrangement, they must gain the agreement of their opponents and a new date agreed. This information must be communicated immediately to their League Manager. If there are no dates available, the re-arrangement cannot take place and the fixture is expected to be played on the original date.

Weather postponed games will be rearranged by the League’s Fixtures Secretary. This will usually be the first available Saturday. Where Saturdays are no longer available to rearrange these games, the Leagues Rule Committee will discuss various options to allow the fixtures to be settled. This might involve Double Headers and Pools Panel. There is No appeal available against Pools Panel decisions

Proposed by JP Preston GH Seconded by Fred Swarbrick Vale of Lune

Rule 19: Concede by Senior team

The Senior fixture in a Club’s list MUST ALWAYS, UNLESS THE SENIOR MATCH IS NOT PLAYED FOR SOME VALID REASON, be honoured at the expense of a lower team’s fixture. Failure to do this will result in ALL teams from the offending Club losing ALL POINTS, (Winning or Losing) from their respective matches. In addition another TWO POINTS will be deducted from all the offending Club’s teams.

Only exception to deduction of points is when a team doesn't have a scheduled fixture.

The Opposition team(s) will be awarded the winning points.

If this happens on a weekend that involves a Cup Competition, all teams from that Club winning a Cup match that day will be eliminated from the Cup Competitions and their opponents will replace them in the next round. This includes teams who had a bye that day.

Proposed by JP Preston GH Seconded by Fred Swarbrick Vale of Lune

Rule 4: Membership Fees

Any team not having paid its membership fee by August 27th will be deducted 5 points and for each subsequent week will be deducted a further 5 points per week.

Fees for 2022-2023 have been set at £50

Code of Conduct to be carried forward from Previous Seasons, with only new Clubs to complete a form.

Proposed by JP Preston GH Seconded by Fred Swarbrick Vale of Lune


Cup entry will be optional. Teams can OPT OUT of the Cup before the 1st January by informing John Powell by Email sent by the Club’s Fixtures Secretary.

Teams that leave the Leagues due to concedes will be allowed to remain in the Cup Competitions if they wish to.

Proposed by JP Preston GH Seconded by Fred Swarbrick Vale of Lune