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Minutes of Committee Meeting - 09 June 2020

Minutes of the Committee Meeting of NOWIRUL
9th June 2020 at 7:30m - Held via Zoom
Attendees: Fred Swarbrick, John Powell, Peter Rhodes, Andy Thompson, Greg King, Ian Cosens, Paul Riordan, Craig Hine, Tommy Hughes  and Peter Harrison
FS opened the meeting with a minutes silence for Jon Daldry. It was agreed that there would be an award e.g. player of the final or team of the year presented in his honour.
Leagues:  After the Committee Meeting on the 5.5.20 JP published the Setup asking for the club’s comments. As a result we have seen 5 teams leave us to join the ADM Leagues, all of them deciding without first talking to us, but 2 teams have joined New Brighton 3rds and LSH 3rds. We have also had a few requests from some teams to change Leagues and we have been able to accommodate these requests. This has left the Setup with a little inbalance. We intended to have all 12 team Leagues but have ended with some being 11 and one being 13 teams.
We also had a request from teams in the Premier, Division 1 and Division 2 North to link our fixtures with the National (1st team) Leagues so that the 2nds might be able to travel with the 1sts. In the Premier League there are 6 teams whose 1st teams are in the Northern Premier. In Division 1 there are also 6 teams whose 1st teams are in North 1 West. In Division 2 North there are 7 teams are in North2 West. By linking these up they could travel together especially on the long trips. This however means they have to follow the RFU 14 team Matrix of fixtures and will have to start on the 1st Saturday in September which has not yet been published.
JP produced another set of league set ups and fixture dates for discussion but there had still been no information from the RFU regarding the start dates for community rugby although there is a possibility that the season will start late. It was decide to publish the league set ups as proposed but with a note stating that fixtures would be published as and when the RFU and Government agree community rugby can begin.
With regards to the matching of 1st and 2nd team fixtures, it was agreed that fixtures when published would show 2nd’s opposite to the 1st’s fixture but clubs could decide to double up if they wished as long as they notified JP. It would depend on travel costs v clubhouse revenue losses.
It was agreed that clubs could swap the 19/12 fixture for the 3rd free week in September but any discussions around fixture dates was pointless until a start date was known, but it was felt that we were in a strong position with our fixtures due to the number of scenarios and set ups already agreed at this and other meetings.
Proposal 1: Divisions 2 to 5 no weather games all go to the pools panel
Proposal 2: Division 2 to 5 allow postponement once per team per season with agreement of the opposition. League secretary to have final say.
Proposal 3: No postponement of weather affected cup games.  If either pitch fit then game played there. Toss of coin otherwise to decide
All the proposals were agreed and would be published as rules
A discussion took place around the pools panel and it was agreed that the league manager’s would be consulted on results. It was also agreed that early season weather cancellations where no form can be used to assess the teams would be shown as a draw.
League Managers: AT is now manager of Div 3 West all Managers other divisions stay the same. League Managers should now start contacting teams in their leagues to get correct contact details and creating the Whattsapp groups.

Committee:  PH is the new NOWIRUL League Secretary
It was agreed to seek out help for JP as fixture secretary especially around the setting up of leagues and fixtures for the season. CH was to approach someone from his club and see if they were interested.
Finance:  As there was no 2nd tranche from the RFU AT asked if we had received any money from Lancashire or Cheshire RFU as they potentially had a pot of money to support leagues/clubs. None received
Sponsors: Confirmed sponsors for this coming season
Premier  Cotton Traders
Div 1.  Baines Plumbing
Div 2 North.  County Couriers
Div 3 North.  James Trickett
Div 3 West.  Howell & Co.
Div 4 West.  Widnes Coaches.
Independent Energy has not renewed and will be removed as a listed sponsor
This leaves divisions 2 South, 3 South, 4 North, 4 East, 5 East and 5 West available to sponsor. Please could all respective League Managers canvas these leagues after they have set up their whattsapp groups. Any positive leads to forward to IC
AT had spoken to Halbro and they are still keen to support the leagues.
It was agreed to continue paying for Zoom so that these meetings can be held.
AGM: It was agreed that one must be held but when? where? public? virtual? AT said that one club had held theirs outdoors. PR said the Marquee at Bowdon could hold 40 – 50 socially distanced. It was decided to see what develops and a note to be put on the website to this effect. Decision to be made at the next meeting.
21/22 Season: A discussion took place regarding the possibility that any team (2nds/3rds) could join the RFU leagues at level 6 or below. This decision could decimate the NOWIRUL Premiership, Division 1 and Division 2 and Division 3. It was agreed that after the RFU have made their decision, we would need to look at the proposal, decide what was left and what type of rugby the clubs wanted the league to provide.
A.O.B: FS said that he had received a request from the ADM leagues for a meeting. It was agreed that because of the possibilities of changes to the RFU leagues at the end of 20/21 season this was not necessary.

FS also reported that the engraver was struggling getting supplies and had not yet engraved the trophies
Next meeting to be arranged after 4th July
Meeting closed at 21:20